Photo Parade of our Weekend

Let’s start this week on the right foot, with a food parade of our weekend.

Our Red Fire Farm Extended Season Veggie Loot! Second to last week! Onions, Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Turnips, Kohlrabi, Gilfeather Turnips, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Cilantro and Salad Greens, oh, and of course eggs!

Friday Dinner after the CSA distribution: Kale Sausage Soup (again), we made extra on Wednesday so that when we got home late from the CSA, we could just heat it up, shred some Chase Hill Farm Dutch Gold Cheese on top and have a hearty meal then and there.

Friday Dessert: A most amazing rich concoction: Vanilla Ice Cream from Batch, sprinkled with some cocoa powder, over a mixture of rolled oats from Wood-Prairie Farm and melted Taza chocolate. I wanted more!

Saturday Breakfast: Oatmeal with Angelito from Narragansett Creamery, and our homemade blackberry jam, with a litte bit of maple syrup.

Saturday Lunch: We were on the go for most of the day on Saturday (including a Red Fire Farm CSA meeting!) and so Theresa made high protein crepes, using a tiny amount of the last of our whole wheat flour, eggs, and ricotta (pictured). We filled these with bacon, mushroom (rehydrated), mustard greens (from some we had frozen down earlier in the year), sundired tomatoes (that we had dried ourselves) and a little bit of blue cheese. We wrapped them up, and took them with us, to be enjoyed on a bench in the sun (although stil on a chilly day) in Harvard Yard.

After we returned home on Saturday ,we found a big box waiting for us.  We had waiting for it all week long… in longing anticipation…..

No, it was not our cat, being returned to us.

Though she did appreciate the box, and all the unfortunate packing popcorn.

For a while.

At last, what we had been waiting for:

Our Grain Mill. No, let's specify here. Our sturdy all in one, compact, extended warranty- idiot proof grain mill: The Fidibus 21 by Komo (a german grain mill company). Yes, tears in our eyes... reliable flour making, finally. Isn't it beautiful!

We were so excited we wanted to mill something directly…. but decided to hold off until the next day when we could read the operating manual.

Saturday dinner was a delicious concoction from Theresa. Sauteed duck legs with blueberry sauce, served on top of these really sharp mustardy greens that were part of the salad mix in our CSa share, along with roasted herb potatoes. Nom nom.

Saturday Dessert was a little bit of Cardamom-Ginger gelato from Maples. I must admit, quite a good flavor. Nothing beats little chunks of ginger in a frozen dairy treat.

Sunday Breakfast: Oat pancakes with Angelito and Blackberry Jam. Still without true flour, we put rolled oats in our food processor and made a fine oat flour to make pancakes with.... we were just waiting for a chance to break out he mill to really get down to business.

Playing with Mandan Bride Dent Corn from our Pioneer Valley Grain CSA. Beautiful multicolored corn. We had run into some problems... we were storing the dent corn in airtight containers (which we learned we shouldn;t do for all of our grain, yikes!) and the corn had began to mold a little (double yikes!) so we took it all out and inspected it. Only the corn was molding, and only a little (the people from PVHG said the corn was suceptible to molding this year) and washed it really thoroghly, and then put it in our dehydrator to dry. This seemed to work miracles, the corn is clean, and doesn't seem to want to mold anymore. But, first thing on our agenda: make some cornmeal.

Making cornmeal with the Grain mill! After running some white winter wheat through the mill (which is milled most lovingly) to clean it, and figuring out the different modes (fine to course) we coursley ground the corn. This fist course grinding step is to be kind to our mill and not over work it. Look how lovely the course cornmeal is! The mill is also super fast!

We then ran the cornmeal through a second time to get a nice fine cornmeal flour that smelled lovely! We were so suprised how fast it milled grain- much faster than the standmixer and the grain mill attachment.

To fix our grain storage, we took cheese cloth, secured with rubber bands over our glass jars and left them open. We hope this will fix any potential molding problems... though being able to wash and dehydrate our grain is always a good safety.

Sunday lunch: Some leftover duck, potato and blueberry sauce with a small green salad with Narragansett Creamery's Pirate Spread (Feta, hot pepper, spices) as dressing.

For Sunday dinner, we made homemade pasta using ard Red Winter Wheat Flour that Theresa milled while I was gone in the afternoon. Some pasta with the our hand cranked pasta maker.

We were so pleased to be able to make pasta again... that we sort of did a photographic ode to the fresh pasta... isn't it lovely?

Sunday Dinner: Homemade Whole Wheat Pasta with a Vegetable and Ara Kara Bean Stew on top of a bed of salad greens, served with a dollop of ricotta. Delish!

Sunday Dessert: Roasted Delicata Squash Slices served with a Sweet Peanut Butter Sauce (Teddy's Peanut butter- very fresh and really good, some maple syrup, a little vanilla and cinnamon). A delightful combination of comfort food.

And that was our weekend in food and photo.  Quite yummy, and quite exciting.

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2 Responses to Photo Parade of our Weekend

  1. andrea says:

    Whoa – that all looks so awesome! I found your blog while googling zorro wheat – we share a CSA! Actually we share a few of them. I love reading about your meals and knowing that we have pretty much the same things on hand. Thanks for the inspiration!

    PS – as I was reading this post, I guessed at the mill from the picture of your kitty in the box. Ours (mill, not kitty) just arrived two weeks ago and I was thoroughly annoyed at the packing peanuts. Oi! Got to love how it works, though. Amazing!

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