It Came! Our Mornings are Going to be SO Much Better.

Hello to all, and a wish for a good brisk Friday.  I know our day is going to start right, because we have oatmeal!  I think we haven’t been quite forthcoming with our running breakfast problem, since we mostly focus on dinners.  About two or three weeks ago we ran out of oatmeal.  We were, quite frankly, shocked.  It was a 20 lb bag of oatmeal, and we felt like it would never end.

Until we hit the bottom of the bag.  Sad day.


Rolled Oats from Wood Prairie Farm- a saving grace.


So, we ordered more oatmeal, and waited.  And waited.  And kinda panicked because of how long it was taking, mourning our loss of oatmeal in the morning.  Yet, joy of joys occurred when a large box showed up on our doorstep yesterday with Wood Prairie Farm‘s logo splashed all over it.  Hot breakfasts at our fingertips, no more struggling to make something work for breakfast.  We had eaten oatmeal for breakfast for so long that we had forgotten anything else, and did not have the flour to make bread for toast, pancakes or any other quick breakfast bread.

The flour situation should be changing today as well, hot dog!  When it rains, it pours.

Our dinner last night was a thrown together picnic of sorts, framed around egg salad Laura had made for a snack, and the oatmeal we had just gleefully torn into.


Oatcake! My most favoritist dry cracker/biscuit of oaty love.


A perennial favorite in this house, oatcakes.  These are from American Whole Food Cuisine, and are best described as a dry, crumbly, slightly sweet oatmeal flatbread.  Tasty, much-loved, and easy to make.


  • 2 cups of oats (fresh, rolled or steal cut), ground to a flour.  It will make about 1 1/2 cups of flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • 6 to 8 tablespoons of hot water
  1. Combine oat flour, baking powder, salt and 1 cup of rolled oats.
  2. Mix in oil and enough hot water to make a ball of soft dough.
  3. Put the remaining rolled oats on a surface where you can roll out the dough.
  4. Depending on your pan size and how thin you want you oatcake to be, you can split the dough into two balls and roll out thinly, making sure both sides have whole rolled oats pressed into it OR you can roll the whole mess of dough into one large, thicker disk.  Both are yummy.  Cut into wedges.
  5. There are a couple of cooking methods, which makes this great for any meal.  Cook at 350F for around 15 minutes OR Cook at 400F for around 10 minutes OR cook in a skillet until dry and starting to brown in places.  Ultimately, you want the oatcakes to be firm with some color on it.

Along with our oatcakes, we had egg salad, which Laura ad so kindly made up for us.


Egg Salad, with Red Fire Farm Eggs, our own pickle relish, mayo, salt and pepper. Yum.


Our dinner batch of salad used up the last of our precious mayonnaise, so we are trying something a little different for lunch using yogurt, angelito cheese, olive oil and our homemade relish.  I think it tastes good, Laura seemed a little questionable about the mix.  We will see how it tastes after marinating all night in the refrigerator.

Also eaten was the other half of our aboboro squash, carrot sticks, Chase Hill Farm cheese, mustard, jam and butter.


Chase Hill Farm Dutch Gold Cheese, Ranch-like dip (yogurt, onion, green onion, Worcestershire sauce, nutritional yeast, soy sauce) and sliced carrots.

Roasted Abobora Squash.

Oatcake Baked to perfection.


In the carrot picture above, you see a jar of Raye’s Mustard. Located in Maine, it is the last stone mill that grinds mustard in America. I am madly in love with this condiment, and would seriously eat it on just about anything savory.  We’ve tried a whole bunch of different varieties so far, but I have yet to find one that I would call my favorite.  They are just so good!  I think we have gone through more mustard in the past 6 months than any other time in my life.  Currently, I am halfway through a jar of Moose-a-maquoddy Molasses, and it is delish.

A funny for you today.


Fitzwilliam eating winter squash!

The picture is terrible (try photographing a black cat in a dimly lit room), but the whole event was hilarious.  Fitzwilliam came over after we had finished, and since we had a picnic in front of the Christmas Tree, he inspected each empty dish. Imagine our surprise when we started licking the cleaned squash shell, then chewing on it!  We scraped out that chunk of squash for him, and he gobbled it right down, with more enthusiasm than his normal kitty dinner.  What?!  Our little fat man eating vegetables? Ah, cats.  Always surprising you.


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