Photo Parade of Weekend

This weekend, we ate a lot of leftovers from Thanksgiving over Friday and Saturday.  Let’s start where we left off:

Friday Morning's Breakfast: Took the leftover Spelt Berry Pudding (thanksgiving dessert) and added some of our dried blueberries and pear.

Saturday Dinner: Freshly Creamed Spinach with Roasted Garlic- so good!

Saturday Dinner: Parsnip Apple Cakes, we took the mashed parsnip apple onion creation from Thanksgiving and mixed it with some egg and some of the last dregs of flour and made pancakes to be served with yogurt and maple syrup. A very tasty way to use this leftover.

Sunday Breakfast: Marion eating my Veggie Egg Scramble (yes, purple veggies again) with a slice of Wheatberry Baguette

Theresa's suped up version- with tomato, cheese and mustard.

Some more oogling over our winter squash hoard.

The making of a beautiful big salad for Sunday's Lunch.

Sunday's Lunch Salad: Lettuce, Arugula, Carrot, Hakurei Turnip, Last of the Tomatoes (last of the greenhouse ones at that), Pickled Radish and Dressing made of Mashed Roasted Garlic, Olive oil and Mustard.

Also for Sunday's Lunch: Twice Baked Sweet Potato. We roasted some asian sweet potato, took out some of the flesh and mixed it with Narragansett Creamery's Angelito, Salt, Pepper, Cayenne and put it back in with chopped onion on top and broiled it till a little crispy- nom!

Still more grain storage from the Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA. We have managed to store all of our grain now. Though, we still don't have a functioning grain mill. Short version of long story: we managed to break both our stand mixer and grain mill attachment. 🙂 We decided to nix some Christmas presents and get ourselves an early christmas present of a sturdy all in one grain mill.

Buckwheat in its lovely black hulls.

Sunday Dinner: Our Bacon Filled Version of a Quick Vegetarian Cassoulet (from Moosewood). Beans, root veggies, bacon.... just plain good. We used the last of our Chase Hill Farm Queso Viejo for garnish and to give it a zing.

Sunday Dessert: Egg Nog. We were just finishing decorating our tree and wanted an easy and festive dessert, and just happened to remember that (unlike most of the time) we had milk and cream around. Raw egg, milk, cream, sugar, a dash of spices and cognac. Foamy on top, creamy on the bottom. Splendid.

That was our weekend in food.  We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend: lots of good food and good times.  I hope everyone else had a nice holiday.

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