Cleaning Out Our Burrow… Simple Eats and More Leftovers

Laura and I like to think of our home as a burrow, a retreat from the world that we can fill with whatever we like.  Like most burrows, though, it does get dirty, cluttered and unorganized.  Sometimes very dirty, very cluttered and very unorganized.  We try to keep the worst at bay, but sometimes we just get itching to really do a thorough pass over the whole place with a trash bag, donation bag and recycling bin followed by a vacuum, broom and mop.

My favorite burrowing animal... The Burrowing Owl (which also happens to be my undergraduate school mascot. Go Owls!)

Because we still have oogles of leftovers, we can clean to our hearts content without dirtying too many dishes.  Yay!

Last night, we were in the mood for something other than leftovers, so we made the sweet stuffed kabocha squash and a crunchy salad.

Squash stuffed with spelt and sweetened milk.

Salad with carrots and kohlrabi.. lots of crunch!

I’m sure you’ve also noticed a lot of changes around the blog, too.  What do you think?  We are still tweaking the look with what options we have, and are open to suggestions.  We are also working on a logo for the banner.  Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?  Yay blog!

I must go organize the plastic container drawer now, so I am signing off.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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