Happy Thanksgiving! The Food Holiday and What We are Thankful For.

I hope that everyone’s thanksgiving is going well, with few food dramas, fewer family dramas and plenty of TV or Movie drama!

To start this all off, we had an easy dinner last night, in prep for a food-a-rific day today.

Gratin, black beans and pickled radishes

Black beans cooked in the crockpot, then warmed with green tomatoes, onions and cilantro.  Sweet potato gratin with Queso Viejo.  Pickled radish.  Very yummy.

We haven’t finished making our food for the day, so I’ll leave you with a quick teaser of what we will be eating (or have eaten) today.

Rutabaga basking in the sunlight

Gorgeous leeks, ready to be slowly cooked in butter

Roasted beet and feta salad with roasted pumpkin seeds

Bloody beets and torn lettuce... salads can be such a gruesome battlefield!

Leek and potato soup decorated with Queso Viejo

We have sweet potatoes roasting, parsnips chopped, a turkey being butchered into smaller pieces to be roasted or frozen, and brussels sprouts cleaned.  Dessert is going to be a little more non-traditional, as we do not have any flour for pies.  Pooh.  It will be yummy anyway, and we will have to make a pumpkin pie in the future.

However, since it is the day of giving thanks, what am I (Theresa) thankful for?

Handsome overweight black kitties with high-pitched voices

Dry, stringy, underweight old kitties with really loud yowls (often at night)

A sad, emotionally abused lovebird that may one day accept me as a decent existence

Dry, stringy old cockatiel that has finally accepted me as a decent head-scratcher (he is so old he is balding and going gray)

Fat, domineering parrots and good cookbooks (though they ought not be together too much as one likes to chew up the other)

Partners that have lots of smiles, even first thing in the morning (and eat well... and buy lots of good cheese).

I have to go butterfly a turkey breast and beat the crap out of it to make a turkey-roll-up-with-stuffing.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving! The Food Holiday and What We are Thankful For.

  1. cheryl says:

    thank you for sharing. Reading your postings always bring a smile to my face. Continue loving life. Cheryl

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