Oh God Help Us Get to the Weekend… Another Failure in the Kitchen

Hake in a bacon root veggie and greens stew.

Okay, so it looks good in the picture, and it was easy to make, and probably would have tasted good had the cook not be tired and the fish not freezer burnt.  Yeah, ew.

We realized after dinner that the freezer bag the fish was in was riddled with holes from a suprisingly large number of errant fish bones.  The hake was a horrible texture, and was sent out of our bowls rather quickly.  The stew part was edible, but there was a strange bitterness that was a little off-putting.  From the parsnips? The sweet potatoes?  The fish?  I don’t know, but it was funky.

And, no, I did not make this recipe up.  I actually followed a recipe pretty closely, but I will withhold the name of said cookbook until we can try this again in the future.  I really wanted it to work, so it may be tried again.  We’ll see.  Either way, dinner was a sad event.

[UPDATE: Post lunch eating leftover soup (sans fish), I’ve decided that it is a good recipe, and would be worth making again IF I can figure out where the hell the damn bitter flavor came from.  Ingredients included: parsnips, sweet potato, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, flour, chicken broth, pale ale (called for amber ale <- is this the problem?), bacon, white fish, thyme, salt, pepper.  From what?!  Any ideas, suggestions or help?

Laura’s Update: I couldn’t stomach lunch….. so I ate half of it and ate mozzarella with a little basil and balsamic, and a sweet potato salad last minute before I ran off to distribution.  I put together a crock pot meal that was tried and true so that when we get back from distribution, we should be savoring some delicious hot food.]

Our before making dinner snack: Little round carrots for dipping in a little extra whipped feta with garlic and mint (leftover from the last meal) and sliced mozzarella from Narragansett Creamery with a few olives. Also served with a little red wine. 🙂

Snack, much better.  I’ve been feeling like we should just eat that for dinner and call it a night.  We did decide, though, to give ourselves some slack over the weekend, given the spat of bad luck and questionable meals we have been having (remember that dinner is our lunch, too).  We have a plan for our day in Western Massachusetts, besides picking up our grain, and we hope to realign our stars in a more benevolent way.  Either way, with a Red Fire Distribution and and Grain Distribution, we will hopefully be in a better place.

If only our stand mixer would work.  But, we have plans for that, too.

Laura being a cat lady, with Fitzwilliam hopeful in leu of fish smell.

Cute family photograph.  The food may stink, but the cats are cute.

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2 Responses to Oh God Help Us Get to the Weekend… Another Failure in the Kitchen

  1. Alex says:

    Hi! Its Jordan 🙂 i think that the beer could have been your problem, ambers are usually less hoppy and more sweet than a pale ale, depending on the ale. but usually the pale ale will have more hops in it which would lead to the bitter flavour. you should try it again with an amber and see if its different, my guess would be that it will be.

    • Hi Jordan- I thought it might be the pale ale, but I wasn’t sure why. Thanks for the reason (besides my bad cooking fail). It was a crazy night, and we were using what we had at hand and it wasn’t such a success. I’ll try again soon, with a proper beer and decent fish, and hope we’ll have a winner!

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