Turmeric Leaf Wrapped Pollock, Thai-style Radishes and Spelt Berries

Turmeric Leaves, like big banana leaves.

More pretty things to show off, tumeric leaves, spelt berries and fish.  The dinner seemed easy to put together, and the fish would be just as good serves with stirfried or curries veggies and rice.  The thai-style radishes were intense, so feel free to add other veggies, or serve it to the turnip and radish lover in your life!

Pollock on a turmeric leaf, cooked spelt berries, and radish thai basil curry (harukai, daikon, and another type of japanese radish, with lots of scallion) cooked in a hearty thai basil sauce.

A spicy powdery concoction that I coated the fish with: shredded coconut, fresh turmeric, ginger, and garlic (all blended together) with salt and chili powder.

The coated fish on the leaves with chopped shallot, a few pieces of bruised lemongrass and a hot thai chili. I then put another layer of leaves down and sealed the packet and cooked like any normal fish in a packet recipe.

Finished fish served on one of the cooked turmeric leaves.

We were still hungry after dinner, so Theresa made whole wheat oatmeal pancakes. I had mine with honey and cinammon, she had her with taza chocolate pieces in what she likes to call 'pan'cake chocolat. 🙂

For those who might not have had a super awesome french teacher, pain au chocolate is a common snack/treat in France.  Thisis a quick and funny word play… ‘pain’cake au chocolate.  🙂

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