Photo Parade of our Weekend

Let’s start this week out with a photo parade of our weekend of eats.  Skipping the food fail of Friday, allow us to begin with Saturday.

Saturday breakfast: Roasted Rosemary Potatoes and Vegetable Egg Scramble

Our grain storage attempt: We put most of our grains from the PVHG CSA in glass sealed containers. Storage is a debatable matter for these grains: keep them in airtight vs. not airtight containers? We're not sure based upon various people's advice. We put them in glass airtight containers and hope that they won't mold or anything due to leftover moisture in the grains. Also, another fail for the weekend: we washed our grain to mill it- and after drying it for two days the grain was still wet and managed to damage our mill. We think it's going to be okay, but we're still a little unsure how to best clean (or perhaps dry) our grain for milling (we just might not clean it in the end).

Roasted Pumpkin for dinner.

Saturday Dinner: Cooked Spelt Berries (so tasty!) with Roasted Pumpkin and sautéed Cipollini Onion and Purple Kale.

Sunday Breakfast: Whole Wheat and Rolled Oat Pancakes with cooked spiced apple, served with maple syrup and yogurt.

Sunday Lunch: Leftover of Saturday dinner: pumpkin, spelt and kale, served with an aioli sauce.

Our Stillman's Meat CSA distribution! I don't know if we were by accident given a half share instead of quarter share, or if this distribution was super huge for Thanksgiving! We got a pork shoulder roast, two chicken breasts, sausage, two lamb shoulder chops, and a smocked pork hock (we've been wanting to try one of these for a while now!). Very very exciting!

Midday Sunday Snack: Yogurt, Rolled Oats, Our Raspberry Jam and Maple Syrup.

Sunday Dinner: Roasted Chicken Leg Quarter in a lovely rosemary, mustard sauce, Roasted Delicata Squash and Apple and a green salad with carrot hakurai turnip and daikon radish.

Dessert: Husk Cherry Clafoutis (I should probably say flaugnarde)- a french dessert usually made with cherries and something like a custardy crepe batter. We had a small amount of ground cherries leftover from our big ground cherry bulk order earlier in the summer (yes, they were still good) that created a delightfully novel dessert.

And that was our weekend in food.  Looking back, we still had a very lovely weekend in food, regardless of not getting to enjoy a local foodie dinner on Friday. Now, on to our week of more delish homemade meals.

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