Alternatively Colored Foods are Fun! Purple Foods Especially!

Eek! A late post!  Being Veterans Day (Happy Veterans Days to all!), I have the day off, which translated into running around and doing errands.

Anyway, since nearly the beginning of our time together, Laura and I have loved seeking out and eating novel foods.  Anything naturally different colored was a definite “must try” to us.  Blood oranges, red bananas, orange cauliflower, non-green greens, etc.  All are winners. So, when we were in the market for potatoes, and saw purple potatoes at the Atlas Farm stand at Amherst, our little eyes all lit up, just like Christmas had come early!




We’ve had these lovelies before, and there are several varieties of purple potatoes, and they all look different. Ours were less intensely purple than others, but they retain their color really well through cooking.  To go with our purple potatoes, we allotted half a slot to black quinoa for a multi-colored South American taste delight.

If our light was better, you would see that the quinoa was a dark dark red, which look great with fresh red bell pepper, parsley and cumin-cheddar.  With this delight, we had roasted squash and a fabu salad that Laura concocted with cilantro, radishes, turnips, fresh beans, lettuce and lemon vinaigrette.

If you want recipes, let me know.  The quinoa dish is scrummy to be sure.  I’m just being lazy.  😉  Maybe some day soon, we’ll eat this again and I’ll post the recipe.

Dessert was a simple blackberry-milk pudding with a dabbling of Taza semi-sweet baking chocolate.


Also rather purple!


A lot of purple foods out there to be loved.  Maybe we should have tried to hunt up some purple cauliflower.  For more purple food ideas, go to The Purple Foodie.  Her purple potato recipe looks killer.  Actually, most of her food looks killer.

Happy Verterans Day All!  Any naturally other-colored food we should try to find?

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