Drowning in Greens… Luckily, They Shrink Fast and Taste Good

We had intended to have a large dinner last night, with brussels sprouts and squash and raita and lots and lots of greens.  Really get into our vegetables, which have hit maximum capacity.  However, life had some other plans, and we managed to cobble together a hot bowl of food without going off the deep end and biting each others heads off (too badly).  The weather was miserable, the time change has our tummy clocks going ‘WTF?!’ and neither one of us had eaten enough during the day to be reasonable about making dinner.  I think at one point I told Laura to “Just shut up and wash greens! Any greens! Just wash them fast!”.  Ah, grumpy times…

Lucky for us, we have lots of greens, enough to feel overwhelming, and greens cook fast and we decided to only eat those, so we were not irritable while squash roasted or brussels sprouts browned.  Not wanting to wait for some grain to cook either, a quick millet flour (freezer lurker from Birdy Bread) pancake  came to the rescue.

Spiced greens in yogurt with paneer.

Spiced Greens with Yogurt and Fresh Cheese (the fast, unmeasured and cranky version)

  1. Wash some greens.  Really any type will do.  We used kale, spinach, some rogue lettuce, bok choy tops and god knows what else was lurking in our CSA greens bag.  Wash a lot of greens if you are really hungry.  Chop roughly in the bowl.
  2. Heat some oil in a pan.  When hot add about 1/4 cup flour and a generous pile of curry powder, to taste, really.  Heat until toasty smelling.
  3. Add your greens and a little water so that the flour and spices don’t burn.  Cover to let the greens steam until soft.
  4. Root around in the fridge to see what you have to fill out your dinner.  We used some boiled potatoes and paneer from Sidehill Farm.  Leftover cook vegetables, firm cheese, tofu, tempeh, etc would be good. Chop your goodies into bite sized pieces.
  5. When greens are nearly cooked to your liking (or patience), add your additions, dump in a healthy amount of yogurt and stir.  Heat until hot, but not boiling.  Salt, pepper.
  6. Serve with bread, chutney, raita, sides, etc.  Or just eat
Even Shera was interested in Dinner. It was that good for a throw-together!

What is your fall-back meal when life is rough? Favorite comfort food?

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2 Responses to Drowning in Greens… Luckily, They Shrink Fast and Taste Good

  1. cheryl says:

    Comfort food? hands down, ICE CREAM.

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