Photo Parade of our Weekend

So, we did not photo-document most of this weekend.  We had lots of good eats, but unfortunately our camera did not follow us the whole way.  Nonetheless, here is a brief summary of our weekend.

Firstly, we got our first extended CSA share on Friday.

Extended Season Share: Cabbage, Sweet Dumpling Squash, Onions, Rainbow Carrots, Potatoes, Hakurai Turnips, Daikon Radish, Bok Choy, Spinach, Lettuce, Brussel Sprouts and Parsley.

It was lovely to see everyone again, and to have such a nice space to do the distribution in.  Workman’s Circle is a lovely establishment, with a very nice space that they generously allow us to utilize for our CSA.  I had to run off to help Layton and Steve from the farm pick up supplies from Wholefoods, so part of the distribution I left Theresa t run, so I didn’t get to see everyone.  Nonetheless, it was a very nice distribution.

For dinner after the distribution, we had perhaps the most terrifying looking meal.  I had cooked carrots in he crock pot during the day and roasted beets in the morning.  When we got home, we pureed the carrots with half and half and pureed the beets with some Angelito from Narragansett Creamery, and Theresa pureed some cilantro too, to make a mixture of orange, pink, and green.

Carrot Soup with Beet and Cilantro garnish. Of course, we had to make this horrible color combination decorative.

It was tasty, regardless of looks. I swear.

The next morning we awoke and had a quick breakfast of custard oatmeal with frozen blackberries, and then we were off to western mass for many exciting activities.

Quick and easy no frills breakfast using oats from Wood Prairie Farm. We bought a 20lbs bag of rolled oats earlier in the summer. We're actually starting to get low!

We drove off to Amherst and stopped at the farmers market.  We picked up even more produce, including beets, burdock root, cippolini onions, an abobora and kuri squash, lemongrass and tumeric (yes that’s right tumuric from Old Friends Farm– will post more about that later).  We also got a ton on dairy- yogurt, paneer and butter from Sidehill Farm, lots of cheese from Chase Hill Farm.

Then we went to Local Burger for lunch in Northampton, by recommendation of Boston Localvores.  It was a burger and fry shop, old school style, but with local grass fed meat and local produce.  It wasn’t all local, the bun definitely did not seem it, but oh my, this was the first time we had a burger in a long time.  And man, was it good.  We also got fried pickles and sweet potato fries.  We were pretty full and greased up after the endeavor, but we really felt like we had put those two slots for the week to good use.

After lunch, we headed to the main purpose of our trip out to western mass: Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA pickup.  In its ultimate coolness, we drove off to Shutesbury and arrived at a lovely homestead with lots of people waiting for their share of grain.

CSA members measuring out their grain share.

We got to chat with the PVHG crew, watch grain washing and storing demos, talk to other members and measure out gorgeous looking grain.

Beautiful multicolored dent corn being distributed.

It was a lot of fun, and we are so excited about our lovely local grain.  We will post a bigger post on this later this week.

We drove back from Shutesbury and took an indulgent stop at GoBerry in Northampton for frozen yogurt made with milk from Mapleline Farm and Yogurt from Sidehill Farm.  Then drove back to Boston with quite a haul.  When we arrived home, we struggled to fit everything into our fridge (but managed).  We enjoyed a lovely evening, but we were so full from lunch that we pretty much had tea for the rest of the day, and no real dinner to speak of. We were so full from Local Burger, that we actually weren’t hungry the next morning, so I had a little bit of uncooked rolled oats and apple butter for breakfast, and then finally by lunch we were getting hungry again.

Sunday Lunch: A lovely spread of Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Maple Syrup Mayo, Carrots with Camembert Cheese (from Chase Hill Farm) and Upside Down Onion Cake with parsley and a little shredded Atwell's Gold cheese.

We (I mean Theresa here) made a beautiful spread, of very attractive dishes.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with maple syrup, chive and cayenne mayo dressing.

Upside Down Onion Cake, with parsley, and shredded italian style cheese.

Chase Hill Farm Camembert (to die for by the way) with cute little round carrots that we had bought from Stillman's Farm a week ago. Garnished with spinach, apple butter and sage.Very pretty.

The last of our weekend was spent at a dinner at Alex and Jordan’s abode.  They served us a lovely local meal, including locally grown pop-corn and local butter, local beers.  We were a little sad that we had forgotten to bring our camera to document this lovely meal. The main dish was a chicken vegetable bake, with carrot, winter squash, hakurai turnips, onion, and garlic.  They baked the vegetables part way and then set salt and pepper rubbed chicken breast (local, from The Butcher Shop in South End) on top of the vegetables and broiled it.  The result was delicious.  The chicken’s tasty juices amalgamated with the roasted vegetables, making a lovely stew, and the chicken was tender and tasty.  For dessert, Jordan made Blueberry Fool using local cream, local honey, and blueberries that they picked in the summer.  It was divine- very creamy and airy.  We had a lovely time with them, enjoying their company, and their food.  Jordan and Alex made a local meal that really fit into our local eating principles, relying upon only salt and pepper that were not local.  Theresa and I were truly impressed!

After a long weekend of exciting events, we settled down to get back into the week, with a little bit of a messy kitchen and a full fridge.

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