Brassica Delight and a Look at Kitchen Dynamics

Colcannon (mashed potatoes with leeks, cabbage, and kale), roasted brussels sprouts with garlic and onion, and scalloped eggs (hard boiled eggs in a half and half, cheese sauce)

Just in case you got some crazy idea from yesterday’s post that we don’t like brassicas, we are here to prove you wrong.  While a traditional colcannon might be mostly mashed potatoes with some greenery thrown in, like this fine specimen, ours is quite the opposite.  That pile of cabbage, leek and kale has some potato hiding in there somewhere.  It is just a little camera shy.  🙂

The eggs were not quite what I had been expecting, but were still tasty.  Hard boiled egg casseroles are a good standard for us, and I do crave the texture of a broiled hard-boiled egg every so often.  And yet, not quite what I had been thinking we would be eating, though I realize now that typing in “scalloped eggs” into Google produced scalloped hard boiled eggs.  Good for Laura for doing her own research and making a good decision.  I think I was expecting something more along the lines of an oven poached egg, or an egg in a nest situation.  Either situation is good, but which would you have preferred?

Laura made dinner, as I was at work later than usually, and it is always fascinating to see how we interpret our meal plan if there is no obvious recipe involved.  To tell the truth, up until the beginning of our food challenge, I cooked the majority of our food and did a healthy part of the meal planning.  My meal plan style worked for me, and I remember the cookbook/website/blog post/idea that a particular meal or dish is based on.  It was still only loosely based on that recipe, but I knew what I had meant in the meal plan and that is what I aimed for.  It has been a challenge to let go of the stove, and watch how Laura interprets our meal plan.  I think I am working past a very territorial view of the stove (mine! hiss!), and allowing Laura to bloom as a cook.  The food is never bad, and is almost always really good.

My only complaint:  Salt it more!

Dessert: Pears cooked in Butter and served with ricotta (from Narragansett Creamery), cinnamon and caramel (from Fat Toad Farm).

Tonight is our first extended season CSA distribution, and we are excited to (be inside) get our share of produce.  Also continuing CSA love, tomorrow we will be going to Wheat Berry Farm in Shutesbury.  We also intend to eat lunch at Local Burger in North Hampton.  We’ll let you know how it all goes!

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