Food Parade of Weekend


Friday Dinner: Tortellini, Spinach and sun-dried Tomato Pesto

Pumpkin Gelato from Maples, with Chocolate Sauce.

Saturday Breakfast: Seckel Pear Upside Down Breakfast Ginger Cake

Served with Sweetened Ricotta- divine!

Saturday Lunch: Veggie Egg Scramble with Shredded Cheese, the rest of the sun-dried Tomato Pesto and Toast

Saturday Dinner consisted of a kabocha squash, apple and spelt berry stew (delightful)- here it is in our dutch oven.

It was served with Shy Brother's Farm's Rosemary Hannabells on top- YUM!

The stew was served with the most amazing way to eat harukai turnips yet. Braised in a soy sauce, white wine, rosemary, bouillon reduction. Served on greens. Fantastic. They were succulent and burst in your mouth with a fresh juiciness.

Sunday Breakfast: A veggies egg scramble with shredded cheese.

Sunday Lunch: Leftover Kabocha, Apple Speltberry stew and braised hakurai turnips.

Sunday Midday Snack: Delicata Squash mixed with the last of our peanut butter and maple syrup to make a dreamy sweet and peanutbuttery concoction on toast. Really good, tasted like a peanut butter cookie!

Our Stillmans Farm Meat CSA pickup was Sunday. Our quarter share this month was: Chicken legs and thighs, ham steak, lamb shoulder chop, and smoked bacon. Although it might not look it, all wrapped up and frozen, it is very exciting!

We went to the O.N.C.E. in Hell on Sunday night for dinner at the Oberon Theatre in Cambridge.  O.N.C.E. events are run by Cuisine En Locale, a powerhouse local foods kitchen of sorts run by JJ Gonson.  This O.N.C.E. event was a very curious endeavor using Dante’s Inferno as the basis for an opulent ten course local food meal, with the actors of the Oberon Theatre being our servers and guides into the nine rings of hell.  It was awesome.  That is all I’m going to say.  We didn’t take pictures… but we’ll have to dedicate a post to discussing this curious event.

We arrived home late and served our kitties their very late dinner.

Fitzwilliam was so hungry, we caught him with his tongue sticking out.

That’s it for our weekend shenanigans.



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