Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup with Ricotta (Rhody from Narragansett Creamery)

This was another really simple meal utilizing squash we had baked earlie in the week.  The basic recipe goes: 1 pound of baked butternut squash, 1 pound of chopped carrot, 2 chopped onions, 2 chopped cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp of oil, soup stock, salt and pepper to taste, water to consistency.  I simply sauteed the onion and garlic in the oil, added the carrot, cooked until done.  Added mashed prebaked butternut squash and added some stock and water.  I then pureed it with a hand held-thingy (I don’t know the official name for the gadget) but a blender or food processor usually can do the trick.  Then I put it back on the stove and cooked it a little, adjusted salt and liquid for consistency and that’s it.  I served it to myself with ricotta.  When Theresa ate hers later in the evening, she served hers with blue cheese, which also sounded really good.  This would have been a good meal to also have had a salad, but I didn’t have time to get to that last night.

Dessert: Bosc pears with nutmeg, sugar and rolled oats.

I got back later in the evening last night and made myself dessert: I baked two pears with a tsp of sugar, 1/4 tsp of nutmeg and 1/2 cup of rolled oats for dessert (I think that dinner was a little light so I went heavier with dessert).

Getting ready for distribution today.  It’s going to be chilly with a high of 52 F and windy!

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