Simple Squash Pasta Bake and Late-Season Salad

The days pass, the trees turn red and orange and yellow, and the days grow noticeably shorter.  Baking is in order, to fill the house with warmth and good smells.  Unfortunately, not every evening do we have the opportunity to bake a long and wonderful meal.  With a little pre-preparation and some fall-back favorites, we can have a great oven meal in a short span of time, the casserole, if you will.

Ingredients are assembled and broiled for a few minutes to melt cheese, and toast everything.

Homemade pasta is boiled while pre-baked butternut cooked in a pan with onions, garlic, salt, pepper and herbs.  When the pasta was done, it was added to the squash, dumped in the baking dish and topped with cheese.  Bake/broil until hot and toasty (this one wasn’t as toasty, but still yummy).

A bit of a spicy salad with radish and raw garlic.

Our salads are moving away from the savory summer fruits like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers and into the relms of radishes, kohlrabis and turnips.  Sweet fall greens, crisp/spicy radishes and a nice vinegrette.  What could be better?

I want to make a special note about the ricotta on this bake.  It is not our normal Renaissance Ricotta from Narragansett Creamery.  It is a new ricotta we bought by the pound at City Feed and Supply: Rhody Ricotta.  It was wonderful, and had great subtle differences from the Renaissance.  It must be a new product because it isn’t on the products page.  It was delectable.  This ricotta, to me at least, had more of a savory leaning than the other.  The Rhody just had a nice way of lending itself to the meal without feeling like it really wanted to be in dessert.  Renaissance always says “dessert” to me.  So, in all, the Rhody has our two thumbs up!

Speaking of dessert, the chocolate caramel saga continues:

Theresa's Dessert: Apples with Melted Taza Chocolate and Fat Toad Farm Caramel.

And a continuing affection for pears:

Laura's Dessert: Chopped Bosc Pear with a little bit of sugar and nutmeg, broiled and a few pieces of Taza Chocolate on top.

 Mmmm…. Taza Chocolate and Fat Toad Caramel and local fruit.  Divinity in both forms (though I would put caramel on the pears…)

Which dessert whould you prefer?  How would you improve each one to make it better?  Our desserts show some of our preferences, so what is yours?

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One Response to Simple Squash Pasta Bake and Late-Season Salad

  1. Dad says:

    The desert question is a simple one to answer…have alot (or a little) of both !!! I suppose if I was on a desert (pun intended) island and had to choose one it would be the apples. Carmel apples bring back lots of good memories from Ohio and the Fall. Lot of Love Dad

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