Lemongrass Bok Choy with WheatBerries


Lemongrass Flavored Bok Choy and Tofu Stirfry over wheat berries

Quick post today, reporting what we had for dinner before dashing off back to work.  We were confronted with a giant head of bok choy, commanding way too much fridge space. So, we chopped it up and cooked it with red pepper, lemon grass, green onions, soy sauce and rice vinegar.  Add some local tofu for protein, some wheatberries for starch, and viola, our dinner.  On the side, Laura made us a repeat salad from her night of eating alone to balance out the meal.  A giant pile of brassicas with a brassica salad.  Yum.



Non-asian style salad: Baby Brassica, Spinach, Apple, Pear, Hakurai Turnip and Blue Cheese Salad with cranberry balsamic



Blackberry Milk Pudding with Dark Chocolate

Dinner was blackberry pudding (milk, sugar, cornstarch, blackberries) with some Taza Chocolate on top.  We are starting to break into the frozen fruits!  Look out winter, here we come!


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