A Tale of Two Dinners… We Eat Different Meals?!

Holy cannoli, we ate apart last night!  It happens on occasion, and last night Laura had an Adult Education Class at the recreational center on healthy food preparation (featuring produce from Verrill Farm!).  So, we dined apart on whatever we could put together for ourselves.

I think that this is a pretty indicitive of our different eating styles should we choose to eat apart more often.  Theresa’s meal consisted of:

Pizza!  With fresh tomatoes, lots of spinach, ricotta, blue cheese and red onion added after the crust was cooked and broiled to heat.  A little salt, pepper and herbs de provance on crust made this one of my favorite happy foods.  In a perfect world, there would have been walnuts on this as well, but we are still in the process of hunting down local walnuts (they exist, we just have not gotten our grubby paws on them yet!)  Taken with water and a little ice cream, my tummy was very happy.

Laura, on the other hand ate:

A big salad of baby brassicas, arugula, asian pear, hakurai turnip, blue cheese and cranberry balsamic dressing.  Alongside is a hot open faced garlic-cheese-tomato sandwich and hot, spiced apple cider.  I’m sure that walnuts would have been great on that salad, too.

So, salad vs. pizza.  We both have whole wheat carbohydrate, cheese, tomatoe and greens.  Very different quantities, though.  Hah!  Maybe this is why Laura is so petite!  Either way, both meals look tasty for sure.

P.s. Can you see the major difference in our photography styles?  I bet we could pick out who took what photograph for most of the blog based on style alone.

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