Mexican Squash Stew

Mexican Stew with Kabocha Squash, Tomatillo, Tomato, Green Beans, Beans, and spices served with home made bread

So, this was a super quick meal for me to put together, using some last supplies we have around the kitchen from our previous PYO’s at Red Fire Farm (tomatillos, tomatoes, purple and yellow wax beans, shell beans, cilantro) along with a kabocha squash we picked up from Red Fire Farm farmstand.  For a two serving meal (this was my meal last night, and lunch for today, since I had to make myself an early dinner so I could be elsewhere for the evening) I chopped 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, and sauted them in some bacon fat that I’ve saved (~1tsp fat).  I added about 2tsp of chili powder, and 1 tsp of cumin.  Then I added 4 chopped tomatillos, 1 cup of cherry tomatoes (crushed in my hands) and 1/2 cup of still fresh shell beans.  Let that cook for about 15 minutes covered.  I then added a handful of chopped wash beans, chopped up 1/2 of a kabocha squash, and a handful of chopped cilantro.  I added a dash of lemon juice and salted to taste.  It was really very tasty and took me about a half an hour to make.  It also was a really unique combination of flavors.  Something I might do again, especially since it was nice and hearty, and can be a refreshing way to use winter squash.

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