Hoppin’ John Supreme Again

Brown Rice, Beans, Spiced Okra, Tomatoes, Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Yogurt Mayo Sauce, and Bacon, all mounded in deliciousness, with cheese and corn stuffed yummy peppers.

 So, Hoppin John Supreme was such a hit last week that we did the unusual and had an identical repeat meal.  This is, I can assure you, a rare phenomenon.  All meals are crafted to what we are feeling, what we have available and how much effort we want to put into the meal.  This meal, however, was excellent, and was revisited.

Last week’s distribution supplied us with more okra, and we used our for this goodness.  The last of our large tomatoes, some rice and pinto beans supplied some more oomph to the meal.  We lingered long over this dinner.

The beans, rice and okra served along with all the fixins, for the hoppin' john assemblage.

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