Boston Local Food Fest

The train of tents for local food vendors along the water at the Local Food Festival.

 Saturday afternoon found us scurrying down the Boston Waterfront to catch the last hour-and-a-half or so of the first ever Boston Local Food Festival.  I will admit, we were extremely tired, dazed and floating on a bright cloud of hunger when we arrived to the festival.  There was a debate whether we should go or not.  In the end, we decided to go, to see what it was all about, be able to report on it, and maybe find a few new ideas for food.  We had thought that it would be dying down in the last hour, and we could scrape together a nice lunch from what was left.  My goodness, it was packed.  People were having a great time, the atmosphere was excellent and the booths plentiful.  I will confess that we were dismayed at the length of the lines, especially when we discoved that most booths were selling out of some of the best stuff!  It was still excellent, and I am glad that we rush about trying to get there to at least see what it was about.

Neat Radical Homemaking Vendors: Tidy little Coops for Backyard Chickens

 A great goal of ours:  have a yard in a place where we can keep some feathered ladies.  This movable coop solidified that even moreso.

Red Fire Farm Stand with lots of Produce Goodies

 It was great to see Red Fire Farm represent.  We didn’t stop to say hello, but did see Ryan and Sarah from afar, through the thick of the crowds.

Local pastries with local seckel pears from Canto 6 Bakery and Cafe

Ocean Approved: local kelp farming

Local meat being broken down. It was later auctioned off for soemthing like $55.00.

JJ from Cuisine En Locale doing cooking and preserving demonstrations.

 JJ is just cool.  Teaching people good canning techniques, winter produce procurement and other wonderful stuff.  We learned why store-bought pickles are crunchy, how much citric acid to use in tomatoes if you don’t want to use lemon juice, and were re-frightened about scary bugs in your canned goods.  We munched a snack of Effie’s Oatcakes and Narragansett Herbed Angelito while listening to a master at work.

Awesome Setup Using a Bus for Enterprise Farm

 This cool idea is used by Enterprise farm to bring local produce to areas that don’t have access to it.  A fabulous idea, with great looking food.

Downside: Some not very local foods being sold at extraordinaryily big prices (case in point: expensive kalimari meatballs)

 A great time was had, even though we did not stay for very long.  After our long morning, we were not up to huge crowds, noise, heat and waiting for food.  It was refreshing to see so many people come out for the food, information and community.  We discovered a few new resources, ate some good food, and got to see some familiar faces.  In the future, we need to go and talk to more people, get more involved in the local-foods community and try to be more than just a couple of ladies eating locally.  We might not be entirely sure how we want to do this yet, but we’ll keep thinking on it!

For more pictures, thoughts and experiences of the First Ever Boston Local Food Festival, check out some of these other local bloggers:

I am sure there are a ton more, but this is a healthy sampling of some of the good eats that were to be had if you got there early enough, and had the patience to stand in line.  I can’t wait for next year, when we can dedicate a whole day to browsing, eating and basking in the glory of New England Local Foods.

Good eating!

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5 Responses to Boston Local Food Fest

  1. nancy zander says:

    thank you for posting the photo of our Front Yard Coop. The Boston Local Food Fest was an amazing event and we had a wonderful time talking about our Coop to a fantastic audience. We also ate way too much good food! Can’t wait till next year.

  2. claudia says:

    Hi there,

    I am writing a report about the Boston Food Festival and I noticed you have covered the event in your blog.
    I would love to know the average number of viewers of your web site.
    Thank you

    Claudia Marchetti
    Marketing Assistant
    The Williams Agency
    144-A Mount Auburn Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
    +1-617-395-7680 (USA)

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