Birthday Goodies

For my birthday, I got some nice goodies from Theresa and my parents.  My mom picked me up some Amish food delights at her farmer’s market in Pennsylvania.  I got cookies, and sweet breads, and sweet rolls, and really great jams and jellies (apple butter, elderberry jelly and sour cherry jam, yum!).  Very nice.  Amish food is usually pretty local (use a lot of local ingredients), but alas, there are not a ton of Amish communities (that I know of) near us that sell their goods.  A very tasty indulgence for me.

Theresa got me a set of three fermenting vessels for lacto-fermentation pickles. I’ve been wanting something nice for making pickles, and these just are perfect!

Pickl-IT glass fermentation vessels

They are glass, and they have a nice air release feature (often used for a part of beer making) that allows excess air to come out, but no air to go in.  Very excited.  We’re so making sauerkraut soon!

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