Hoppin’ John Supreme

A divine dinner, inspired by the Edible: A Celebration of Local Food.  It had lots of little parts, but was, in the end, easy to prepare.  But first, a look at the glorious mess that was dinner last night.

Hoppin' John (with pinto beans instead of black eyed peas) with bacon, cajun okra, tomatoes, yogurt mayo sauce, roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa, and stuffed mini peppers. Oh my!

The more modest part of hoppin' john. Pinto Beans and Rice. Cooked with onion, salt and red pepper.

The spread: with the beans and rice, and everything else to be pilled on at your discretion.

Cajun seasoned okra, pan fried in the pan the bacon was cooked in, drained of most of the fat. The cajun blackening spice made us cough like you wouldn't believe!

Glorious mini peppers stuffed with corn and cheese (Chase Hill Farm's Dutch Gold)

The supreme assemblage.

 The goodies above were served with leftover roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa we made for dinner last night, chopped fresh tomatoes, and a yogurt-mayonnaise-cumin-chive drizzle.  The total pile was a definate repeatable experience, with some modifications for the seasons.  Maybe later in the fall, we’ll have pan-cooked pumpkin with cajun spices, hearty collards cooked with onions in the bacon-coated pan, canned tomatoes, and oven-roasted corn from the freezer.  Yum!  I can’t wait for my leftovers at lunch! 

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7 Responses to Hoppin’ John Supreme

  1. Leslie says:

    That sounds so stinkin’ good. I love, love okra and will have to try the cajun seasoning idea. Random question-have you ever pickled okra? That’s one of my favorites too–I’ll have to look up a recipe online…

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  3. laura says:

    out of curiosity, how is it that you have been able to cook okra so many times this season? i also receive the RFF farmshare (pickup on fridays in central square) and we have literally only received okra once..and it was only 1/2 a lb. do you receive more produce in exchange for coordinating a farmshare?

    • Theresa: Some people give us their shares of produce they don’t like (okra, kohlrabi and radicchio have mixed reputations). We go to Red Fire Farm often (at least twice in the last month), and pick up extras of things we want/like a great deal. We also eat a lot of yummy peppers, same thing. We are willing to put out for our food, and we will admit that we don’t report everything we buy. Its rather embarrassing how much produce we eat.

      Also, the Brighton Distribution recieved Okra twice. The second time, a fair bit more than the first. Things vary per distribution, and we pushed for okra!

    • Hi Laura,

      So, as a CSA coordinator I get a share of produce, but also a little bit more licensure to take something extra if there is excess once the distribution is over. And as Theresa said, we buy more produce than what we get from the CSA,(from Red Fire Farm’s Farmstand or Stillman’s Farm or others from farmers markets) since we eat an extraordinary amount of produce. But case in point, tomatillos. We only got one distribution of I think 1/3 a pound of tomatillos, but we have been eating them quite a bit. This is because we went and did pick your own tomatillos a couple of weeks ago at Red Fire Farm and got a boatload. We don’t often give a ton of details of how we procured the food, and try to focus on the source of it when blogging.

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