CSA Goodies and Experiments in Flour

After waxing fondly about some of the best things of fall eating, I was quickly reminded that this was a long, hot summer with summer bounty still going strong.  For the vegetable CSA we received potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, brassica mix, butternut squash, and endive.  Tomatoes are apparently still going strong out at the farm, and we’ll see them for a few more weeks.  Some of the regular season members are getting concerned that we won’t get any winter root vegetables before the regular 20-week distributions are over.  We’ll see, but I’m not saying no to more tomatoes!

Saturday morning, we took a short hop-skip-and-jump across the river to the Morse School Farmers Market in Cambridge to pick up our meat CSA share from Stillmans Farm for the month.  It was a wonderful little farmers market where all of the farms were either IPM or Organic.  And, since some have expressed interest in the meat CSA, wanting to know what we get, here is a picture of this month’s Quarter Share.

Stillmans Farm Meat CSA Quarter Share this month: Bacon, Chicken legs (includes thighs- yum!), and Pork Butt Roast (apparently one of the most flavorful cuts off of the pig)

We get the smallest amount of meat available through the program, which comes out to about 5 pounds a month or so.  We will buy a little extra to fill out our eating during the year, but this mostly comes down to sausages, turkey in November, and ham around the holidays, but this is usually more than sufficient to keep us happy and well fed.

Fruit from Kimball's Fruit Farm: Russet Dessert Apples, Seckel Pears, Concord Grapes, and Prune Plums

We also bought a few other things from Kimball’s fruit farm, and found a very very very exciting bit of produce.  Lemongrass!  From Flats Mentor Farm, we were thrilled to see some Asian produce and even more thrilled to learn that you can freeze lemongrass successfully.  This is a really neat farm, which helps immigrants begin farm businesses while using sustainable practices and good business methods.  A total win-win situation in our book.

Lemongrass and Squash Blossoms from Flats Mentor Farm

The afternoon found us experimenting with our new grain mill and stand mixer, making whole wheat flour with wheat berries from Upinngil Farm.  It was a great success, and we were pleased as pudding to have our own flour.

The Inside of the grain mill, like little metal grinding stones, so cool!

White Winter Wheat Berries from Upinngil Farm. A whole 50 pound bag just waiting to be milled!

The grain mill attachment on the stand mixer.

Our own milled local whole wheat flour!

Sifted and Unsifted Flour Gift Jars

We sifted some, jarred it and made it pretty as a hostess gift for a dinner party we went to last night.  The food was great, local and tasty.  Lasagna with salad, followed up by Maple’s Gelato.  Wonderful evening all around.

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