Happy Fall! Celebrate with Preserves!

Happy Fall Equinox everyone!  September 23 this year marks our move into fall, and our steady decent into winter.  But this is not a time to woe the coming cold, but to celebrate a good harvest and continue to enjoy the produce of the season.

Fall Produce!

In the continuing spirit of the harvest season, Laura did a lovely job of jamming down some of our yellow plums form earlier in the season.  Our freezers are getting mighty full, and with our holiday turkey and ham looming nearer, we are beginning to crack down on the produce in our freezers.

A big lot of frozen golden plums thawing and cooking.

Laura, who had never really canned seriously before this summer is turning into quite the effective preserver!  These lovely little things quickly became jam, all neat and tidy in their little jars.

Finished Plum Jam, to add to our 'jam collection'

So, while fall has come upon us, the Lovely Locavore Ladies never fret, but continue to squirrel away bits of summer to bring some sunshine to our winter.  So, enjoy the last balmy days, and get that pantry ready for some winter squash!

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3 Responses to Happy Fall! Celebrate with Preserves!

  1. Mmm, the plum jam looks good–I love the yellow color. Would you mind sharing your recipe for plum jam?

    I recently made pluot jam and am curious how much sugar, in particular, you used.

    I just put up a bunch of tomatoes, which was my first experience doing that, and I have to say, although it was a ton of work, it was immensely satisfying! http://togetherinfood.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/how-to-have-a-tomato-extravaganza-canned-jammed-sauced-toasty-recipe/

    • Hi Stephanie,

      My recipe is pretty ‘no frills.’ For about 6-7 cups of cooked plum, I added 1 cup of sugar. I also added a no sugar pectin powder to it, in about the quantity of 3 tbsp. To be honest, for the pectin, I added some, cooked it to thicken, took a little sample, let it cool to see if it was the right consistency, and added pectin, checking after about every tbsp to see if it was ‘gelled’ appropriately. That’s it!

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