Photo Parade of Our Weekend

So, we didn’t take many food pictures this weekend.  But we had a very fun time bird watching and whale watching with Theresa’s Dad and Cheryl.

Friday CSA meal: Bread, Roasted Tomatoes over Greens, with Sausage, and shredded cheese

One funny part of my Friday was the realization in the middle of distribution that the tomatoes I was roasting for dinner had been left in the oven, with the oven ON.  Luckily, no fires… just these roasted tomatoes were, well….. VERY roasted.

We got lots of fun stuff for our Red Fire Farm CSA:  winter squash, cabbage, mini sweet peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, baby bok choy, basil, onions and okra.  For fruit share we got honeycrisp apples and seedless table grapes.

So… the types of pictures that we took on our weekend were more of this variety:

Black Capped Chickadee at Ipswich River Park

North Atlantic Right Whale

While running around wildlife reserves… what did the lovely locavore ladies do for food?  We packed lunches and snacks:  homemade bread, crackers, hard boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, carrots, apples, and grapes.  For saturday night we made a delicious chili in our crockpot. We slow cooked pinto beans, onions, tomaotes, a poblano pepper, sweet peppers, and chorizo sausage from Stillmans.  We served it with crackers and it was mighty tasty.  For Sunday dinner, we went out to eat.  So, we will be starting this week minus two slots for groceries.  We have yet to grocery shop, since we were so busy this weekend.  We will get to it perhaps this evening.  I will keep you posted.

Harvested some beet and fennel from our garden this morning, since some contractors might tromple some of our patio garden today.

PS:  IF you haven’t noticed, Red Fire Farm‘s signups for their Deep Winter Locavore Share that runs from January to March have been released to present CSA members, last week.  I highly recommend looking into it.  They have one distribution site in Somerville, and may get one at Newton or MIT.  Sarah’s e-mails will keep you posted. They will have the signup for members right now and then will post it on their website for general public sign up soon.

We did the locavore deep winter share last year, and it was great!  1/3 greenhouse greens, 1/3 storage veggies, 1/3 local products (like honey, flour, cheese).  It was just great.  Of course we are doing it this year.  Theresa had to keep me from getting two full shares (her reasoning- it would be denying other people of such a cool thing, since there are limited spots).

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2 Responses to Photo Parade of Our Weekend

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    I love the chickadee and the whale. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • I love the chickadee as well! At the park we were at, you could take a handful of wild bird feed, and the chickadees and nuthatches come right down onto your hand! We are totally going back and getting pictures of that cuteness.

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