Drumlin Farm

Lovely Red Chard in one of Drumlin Farm's Teaching Gardens in front of one of the animal barns

This weekend we went to Drumlin Farm out in Lincoln, MA.  It is a small local farm that we have bought produce from at the Union Square farmers market.

Drumlin Farm is situated on a (could you guess?) drumlin (A galacial formation, sort of like a specially shaped hill)

It is also a Mass Audubon Site with hiking, and beautiful preserves, along with a lot of outreach and teaching about environment and agriculture for adults and children.  We were up for some walking, and had wanted to go and visit it for sometime.  This Sunday was a lovely day, and we had the time, so, we went and visited.

The main (publicly accessible at least) greenhouse, storing winter squash and letting the skin on them dry before distribution.

When we arrived, we first stopped at the Drumlin farm-stand.  As, that is what we feel the need to do- check out the produce!

Lots of yummy produce.

Meat, maple syrup, and yarn all from the farm.

What does Drumlin Farm offer in total?

This sums it up pretty well

Drumlin farm is not organic, though it seems to have pretty stingent IPM practices, especially with it being a Mass Audubon site. They also have a CSA program, and have it set up so that you can work at the farm a bit for your share.  I consider this pretty nice, sort of like another form of outreach, adult agriculture education.

The hen house.

Education.  That seemed to be the overriding theme of the major farm area.  They seamlessly had animal care areas that were functional for keeping animals, but well setup for education.

Teaching gardens for children's programing

Little signs everywhere. It made me wish I had the option of going to outreach events at a place like Drumlin farm when I was a kid.

Goats. To be honest, I just like goats.

You could also go back to the growing fields and walk around.  Which, of course we did!

Eggplant rows.

Cabbage patch, next to broccoli patch.

I saw a reasonable amount of field covered with clover, a cover crop, that is used to enrich the soil.

More fields of sunflowers, and crops, and some farm workers.

We managed to get a good amount of walking around the farm and preserve. And did some birdwatching too.

A lovely hayfield.

Overall, happy to visit the farm.  It was nice to see just how dedicated the farm is to good agricultural practices and education.  It was a lovely place to visit, and we probably will visit again in the future.

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2 Responses to Drumlin Farm

  1. Mia K. says:

    Thanks for the lovely compliments! I’m so happy you enjoyed your visit to the farm, and were able to explore the fields as well as our farmyard. I love the goats too-and since I work at Drumlin I get to see them every day!

    • Thanks! We really liked it at Drumlin. We have seen the farm’s produce and have thought highly of their practices, and were happy to finally visit. We hope to try and catch a tour sometime, so that we are more informed about all the ‘goings on’ at the farm. What do you do at the farm?

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