Meal Plan for the Week

We came up with a yummy meal plan this week, here it is typed out for your viewing pleasure:

  • Saturday:  Tomato Festival
  • Sunday: Roast Chicken and veggies
  • Monday:  Hard Boiled Eggs, Chard, Tomato Curry, on Wheatberries, Carrot Raita
  • Tuesday:  Mexican Casserole, or stuffed peppers (we can’t decide) with chicken, corn, tomatoes and cheese, and fish? (a little up in the air on this one)
  • Wednesday:  Broccoli cheese casserole, tomato salad
  • Thurs:  Tabbouleh, baba ganoush, with feta and salad
  • Fri:  CSA love

Slots for the week:

  • Slots 1 and 2: Saturday eating out at Tomato Fest and Prana in Newton
  • Slot 3: Organic Tahini
  • Slot 4: Appalachian Natural’s Cranberry Sauce, Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery Cultured Butter

Grocery List: Tahini, butter, feta cheese (Narragansett Creamery)

Items we picked up at Red Fire Farm’s farmstand:  Cheese from Chase Hill Farm, Maple syrup, Appalachian Natural’s Cranberry Sauce (Cape Cod Caviar- divine!), and Sidehill Farm Yogurt.

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