10th Annual Tomato Festival!

Ryan, Sarah and crew can throw a killer party.  Tomato tasting!  Three-legged race!  Tomato Trot 5K!  Music!  Food!  Hay rides!  Pick-your-own!  Tractors to climb on!  Food!

We arrived around 1:00pm with Zack, the Jamaica Plain CSA coordinator, who had yet to visit the farm.  We left around 4:30pm, hoping to stay longer and help out next year.  The thing with Tomato Festival is that there is so much to see and do that its nearly impossible to fit everything in.  We had a few priorities, of course:  Fire roasted corn, tomato tasting, and seeing everyone from around the farm.  We succeeded, had a great time and can’t wait for next year.  Laura will probably add more later, but here is a photo journal of our time at the fest.

Dressed Up Barn


Cooking Demonstration Tent

Food Area

Musician's Stage with Eva Cappelli and the Watershops

Pick Your Own Cherry Tomatoes

Pick Your Own Husk Cherries

Roasting the Corn

The corn was absolutly delicious this year... olive oil and salt... mmmm

The line for tomato tasting

Tasting some of the slicing type tomatoes

Cherry tomato tasting

Sarah passing out watermelon near the tomato tasting

Freak Show!

Those crazy veggies!

My what a large nose you have there!

This years trophies and cherry tomatoes for sale

The Farm Stand looked stunning


A rainbow of colors, all tomatoes

Laura, Brave helper, Martin and Zack

Some of our groceries. As though we don't have enough tomatoes already!

It was really fun, the weather was great and the company excellent.  It was great to finally get to meet the founders of Boston Localvores, Kristy and Darry.  We need to do something together soon!  Zack got to see the farm, and Laura and I got to entertain ourselves with food.  What could be better?

For dinner that night, we went to Prana Cafe in Newton Corner.  Another raw vegan restaurant that features local produce.  When Laura ran the Newton distribution site, she was able to meet the chef and chat about Red Fire Farm Veggies.  We had to go and try their food, and we were not disappointed!  Two thumbs up from the ladies, and we will be returning.

Do you have any Tomato Festival pictures or memories you want to share?  Let us know!  We are game to do another Festival Post!

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