Tomatoes on the Brain! CSA Lovin’s and Tomato Festival

Pasting Tomatoes!

The CSA distribution last night was awesome.  Not only did we get our bulk order tomatoes…

A whole bushel of tomatoes, heirlooms and pasting types

We got 4 pounds of tomatoes in the share, too!

Lots of CSA Goodies

And we will be going to Tomato Festival at Red Fire Farm to-day as well.  Laura asked if we can buy more tomatoes at the farm.  Ha!  We need to buy more canning jars, I say.

Dinner was surprisingly tomato-less.

Stirfry with eggplant, broccoli, tempeh, onions, soy sauce, fish sauce, and rice paper wrappers

Breakfast made up for it.

Chard, tomato and goat cheese fritatta

Our meal plan is just about prepared, and we are eating lots of toe-mah-toes.  We are allowing ourselves two slots of “out eating” at the farm today, since there will be lots of pretty local-yummy foods, that may not perfectly fit with our guidelines and we will most likely not want to cook this evening either, and so will eat ourselves into oblivion at the fest.

Stay tuned for lots of photographs of the festival, we’re psyched!


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4 Responses to Tomatoes on the Brain! CSA Lovin’s and Tomato Festival

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    Ohhh – jealous. Our tomatoes are done now but we’re enjoying wonderful sauce that I made and froze.

    • Your tomatoes are done? Oh no! I can’t imagine when our tomatoes will be done, it seems like we are swimming in them. Do you have a good tomato sauce recipe you use? We always just can chopped tomatoes, but we’d love to see your recipe, too.

  2. Lorraine says:

    So many yummy tomatoes at the red fire farm festival, how could you ever pick just one as an all time favorite. I hope you have lots of shelf space for your jars. We bought more tomatoes at the festival and they are arranged like little groupings around the kitchen counters.

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