Pizza = Party (and easy to please everyone) Food

Ah, Pizza.  A marvelous food that can change with the seasons while always yielding a pretty balanced meal (depending what you put on it).  Once you move past just cheese, sauce and some meat products, those disc of dough are a canvas for an aspiring food artist to play with textures and flavors to their hearts content.

It also means everyone can have their own.

With friends about, and various food needs, preferences and aversions abounding, pizza is a great way to make everyone happy while still eating locally.  As long as everyone can agree to eat a whole wheat crust, only the most finicky will not be able to be fed.

Pizza Number 1

Pizza 1 Done!

Piiza Number 2! (For the less veggie-loving sorts)

Fini! Looks so good!

Pizza 3, piled high with veggies!

Om a nom a nom!

What ever you have on hand will make a great pizza.  Now is the time of year to have classic tomato-basil-mozzarella pizzas, but later there will be caramelized onions and squash, winter greens and hard cheeses, and there is still time for goat cheese and lots of other good stuff that comes during the summer.

I see more pizza in our future.  Toodles for now!

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One Response to Pizza = Party (and easy to please everyone) Food

  1. lorraine says:

    You can also think outside the round shape. I love making rectangular pizza and stretching the dough out thin (I am from NY originally). It makes cooking faster and if you distribute the cheeses and cut thin slices of veggies they cook quickly too. Pesto on the bottom with a layer of thinly cut squash, eggplant and carmelized sweet onion is really great. Sometimes I mix cheeses using a chevre or feta with a hard cheese.
    Love reading your blog and had to get caught-up after my vacation up North.

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