City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain

So, seeing as this week is a little chaotic with guests, we did not make a meal plan.  This makes me a little anxious, but it will be okay.  Last night we were supposed to make pizza, and I had thawed some pizza dough that I made a while ago.  I didn’t plan too appropriately with time and ingredients, due to appointments and doing things with guests, so in the end, we decided to go and grocery shop at City Feed and Supply and get dinner from their deli. Then just make pizza later for lunch the next day. 

City Feed and Supply

This is a small grocer/deli in Jamaica Plain (and .  We had heard it was really great for sourcing local food, and thought why not try it out.  Since this week is a little lenient in our local food challenge, going to a fairly locally minded grocery store would be an easy way to grocery shop for the week while at least striving to uphold our principles without agonizing. So, we had dinner (soup and sandwiches, which were very tasty) and then grocery shopped.

I have to say that the store was really great.  It is small, but it is filled lovingly with high quality products, that would make this potentially a great one stop shop for a locavore.  As we entered I read on a sign what days different local farms drop off produce and meats.  These included many farms that we already have investigated and like.  The produce section was small, but filled with mostly local offerings, and what wasn’t local was at least organic for the most part.  The meat and dairy sections were extremely local, and had locally baked breads, and…… as you can tell, it made us very happy.  It is also closer to us than Sherman’s Market in Union Square (which is another wonderful locavore grocer’s) so all the more exciting.

We got a lot of fun things… like cultured Vermont Butter (we haven’t had butter for a long time now… and it just makes me happy to get it), local crackers, local sausage, local milk and yogurt, also local ice cream: Batch. Batch is a small company in Jamaica Plain that makes small batch artisanal ice cream with local milk and fairly-traded exotic ingredients.  It seemed really great, and so we just had to try it out. 🙂  Theresa got Salted Caramel and I got Cinnamon with Chocolate Bits ice cream.  They were delicious!  It had all the flavor of high quality milk and tender loving care.

So, although we have not been as stringent thus far in our week, we have managed to do fairly well with keeping to local and sustainable foods.

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