Rawbert’s Organic Cafe in Beverly, MA

Rawbert’s Organic Cafe:

On Sunday Night, we went to a performance up in northern MA that our friend was participating in.  We didn’t have enough time to make ourselves a dinner to pack, and we were going to be far from home.  So, what to do?  Well, Theresa had bought a Groupon, way before our local food challenge for a small place in Beverly, MA, called Rawbert’s Organic Cafe, which sounded really cool.  It is a mostly raw vegan cafe, and we thought, hey why not.  We had intended to use it before our challenge, but some last-minute plans had made that unlikely, when we had planned to visit.  It just so happened that we were going to be up near Beverly for these performances.  So…. why not give it a shot.

We arrived at Rawbert’s Organic Cafe, and were greeted by the normal sort of small town natural food cafe ambiance, cool music, local art work, beautiful-hip-teenagers, super friendly staff.  We sat down and checked out the menu, which looked amazing…. raw vegan is usually not our style….. but oh my…. I think this may have convinced us to give it further thought.  One absolutely excellent thing:  There was a little sheet of “Local Specials” which were special dishes that used only local ingredients from two farms really close to Beverly.  SWEET!  We also learned that most of their produce was locally sourced and organic during the growing season. They are also about 90% organic in their ingredients- wow! and mostly gluten free.

We had been a little concerned about how this meal would fit into our local food challenge, but we found that most of the food really fit well with our principles.  For locally sourcing, they did very well. It seemed like they source most produce locally, and bought organic grains and nuts (in our mind, nuts are the only part of raw veganism that posses an obstacle for obsessive local eating).

What did we get to eat? Appetizers, I also had a raw lemon zucchini soup, which was mysteriously amazing (raw vegan food is still a tasty mystery I have yet to fully comprehend) and Theresa got guacamole.  For Entres, Theresa got a veggie lasagna (oh was it incredible), I got a rainbow bowl of veggies with quinoa and curry sauce.   We each got dessert (all desserts are made without refined sugar, use a lot of dates, nuts and stuff and vegan).  It was so good, we feel like we will want to go back for special occasions.  So yummy!  We had a really great time, and will certainly go back.  Certainly recommend it, even if you’re a meat eating fanatic, you will go home happy.

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