Food Parade of Our Weekend

Let’s get this week going with a lovely food parade, starting with this week’s CSA haul from Red Fire Farm.

Ah... a cornucopia of produce love.

The season is just getting better and better.  We got onions, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, bell peppers, broccoli, swiss chard, lettuce, tomatoes, peaches and plums.  Yum! Very exciting. We hope that our crazy week this week will enable us still to eat it up!

Friday Lunch: Egg Salad and a more traditional Wheatberry Salad with a side of tomato.... I think its becoming more apparent that we are out of homemade bread and crackers....

Friday Dinner: Veggies (eggplant, summer squash, tomato herbed stirfry over polenta with shredded cheese.

With broiled peaches in molasses for dessert.

Saturday Lunch: Egg salad with crudites and what was supposed to be a corn cake, which more like became a corn crumble.

Saturday Dinner: Mexican Ground Beef with Pepper, Squash, tomato, with Mexican Brown Rice, and grated cheese, served with cucumber salad

Saturday Dessert: Amazing concoction of mashed blackberries to make......

Blackberry Frozen Custard with Taza chocolate chunks on top. YUM!Sunday Breakfast: Ginormous Whole Wheat Pancake with Fresh Blackberries and maple syrup.

Washing Blackberries in the Sink

Black is Beautiful.

Drying Blackberries for freezing.

Monday Breakfast: Oatmeal with Raw Milk, Maple Syrup and Blackberries

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