The Epic Saga of Way Too Many Berries Continues

On this remarkably lovely Saturday, your LLL’s went on a new quest… A quest for food (what else?)… A quest for fun (for us)… A quest for blackberries!

Our prey!

We have been waiting for these little beauties since our last visit to Olde Nourse Farm, when we picked raspberries, currents and gooseberries.  The blackberries were hanging in great big clumps off of the bushes, tantalizing us.  Once we knew that they were ready to go, we were ready to go as well!  When we arrived, the berries were thick, ready to be picked.

Holy smokes! Look at them all! To the attack!

We spent about 2 hours picking, but not so dedicatedly.  We were both off of our groove, and spent a fair bit of time watching Red Tailed Hawks screaming, spinning and fighting overhead.  However, we were successful in our hunt.

Brave huntress Laura with her catch of the day.

Brave Huntress Theresa

The prizes laid out for us to relish in.

We picked, in all, about 25 pounds of blackberries.  That’s a hell of a lot of berries, and we are extremely proud of them.  Friends and family beware, with all of this picking love, you might be receiving some jam for the holidays.  But, our immediate use is for blackberry ice cream with chocolate chunks. No pictures of that, as we are making this as I type, so I leave you with a gratuitous pet picture.

Mr. Buzzy-boy

This is the cockatiel, Buzz.  He is remarkably old, I’ve had him for nearly 10 years, and the family before me had him for nearly the same amount of time.  He is starting to bald around his face and legs, and some of his feathers are going white where they ought to be black.  He loves attention and chewing on paper.  Even for being so old, he is very adventurous with his eating.  His favorite foods are sunflower seeds and Boston Butter Lettuce.  Here, we tried corn on the cob.

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