Food Parade of our Weekend

Let’s get this week’s blogging rolling with a food parade of our weekend!

Red Fire Farm CSA loot for the week!

We got an amazing variety of items from our Red Fire Farm CSA this Friday:  Carrots, corn, lettuce, kale, eggplant, summer squash, bell peppers, scallions, tomatoes, green beans, herbs, peaches and watermelon!  We have a ton of produce this week, because I covered the Thursday Red Fire Farm distribution in Newton, and so I earned another share of produce from that site.  Yum!

Friday Dinner: Green Beans, Tomato, and Scrambled Eggs with Scallions and Cheese on top, with some musk melon (a melon that was damaged and salvaged from the Newton Distribution) and Blueberry Corn Pudding

That's right... Cornmeal Cake with a lovely layer of Blueberry Custard on top, drizzled with Maple Syrup. Nom Nom.

Saturday Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Veggies, with Hedgies Salsa and homemade whole wheat bread. The salsa on top of our veggies scrambled eggs was from a recommendation from Theresa's Dad. It was delish!

We had a lot of basil leftover from last week, so we preserved some.

We simply put basil in our blender, added a little bit of water and blended until it was a nice paste.

Then we stuck them in ice cube trays to freeze.

We covered with plastic wrap to prevent too much oxidation (darkening) and once they were frozen, popped the basil into a baggie to keep in the freezer.

Saturday Lunch: Green Salad with Carrots, Cucumber, and Aioli Dressing, and Broiled Tomatoes with Cheese, Walnuts and Crumbled homemade crackers.

The broiled tomatoes were delicious.

More tomato love: The first green zebra tomatoes from our garden!

Sunday lunch: Codfish, potato and mustard salad, cucumbers, homemade crackers...

.... with Watermelon Soup (1/2 a yellow peace watermelon, ginger, mint, a little sugar, lemon juice) yum!

A beautiful specimen of summer... the inside of a yellow peace watermelon, see the fibrous swirls of fruit flesh- very pretty.

It was a pretty yummy weekend!

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