Its a cow, its a loaf… its a cupcake?!

A meatloaf cupcake, with tomato and mashed potato icing, and grated cheese on top!

Wait a minute!  A. Meat. Cupcake?!  Well, yes.  While I covered the Newton Red Fire Farm distribution, Theresa gathered her creativity and came up with an amazing presentation for meatloaf.  We apologize if it is disturbing.  It was tasty. [Theresa:  I made meatloaf cupcakes while typing the previous post about meeting our meat.  I thought it was remarkably incongruous to be preparing to talk about eating animals while making baked cow meat for dinner.  I got the idea from various diet resources that say that it is a good way to control your portion size.  I thought it was just funny.  Tribute to the cupcake shop bubble.]

More meat cupcake pictures

How to make it is very simple.  You mix one pound of ground beef with shredded carrot, finely chopped onion, 2 eggs and seasonings all together.  Then you put the mixture into cupcake papers and put it in a muffin tin.  Take a slice of tomato and stick it on top. You bake at 375F until it the internal temperature is 175 F.  [Beware, you may need to put a baking sheet under the cupcake tin to catch any drips.  I did not.  Lesson learned.]  For the mashed potato frosting, she made pretty standard mashed potatoes, with a little milk, and freshly pressed garlic and seasonings.  Layered it nicely on the meatloaf, then shredded cheese on top.  Served it with lettuce and cucumber slices. Viola!  Meat cupcake! Overall, a very tasty treat that you don’t have to make into a cupcake.  For us it was pretty fun. You can imagine my surprise when Theresa unveiled her creative meatloaf presentation style.  It was more like confusion.  But the taste won me over.

For dessert we had a watermelon that I got from the Newton distribution.  It was delish!

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