Homemade Pizza and Roasted Corn

Homemade Pizza with wholewheat crust, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, basil and roasted garlic

Making your own pizza is pretty easy.  I made some pizza dough (using the calzone dough recipe) on Monday, and froze it down after its rise, and then thawed it overnight when I wanted to make pizza.  Once it thawed, I shaped it and smeared roasted garlic on top and added tomatoes, basil, onions, mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper.  Baked it at 425 F for about 15 minutes.

the pizza assembled but unbaked

Now, I will admit that I made a few mistakes here- I didn’t put enough oil on my baking sheets, so getting the pizza was difficult.  Also, I put the mozzarella on top of the tomatoes, which made the dough beneath a little too wet.  So, word to the wise, put the mozzarella down first, and oil your baking sheets well.  Although my pizza was hard to handle, it was very tasty, and certainly will be made again, maybe even soon.

We also had roasted corn for dinner, which was delicious!  The Red Fire Farm corn is just simply tasty.  I roasted the whole cobs in the oven wrapped in their husks, at 350 F for about 20 minutes.

Oven roasted corn on the cob

For dessert, we had something a little different.  We had sweet polenta over some of our frozen blueberries, with maple syrup and Demerara sugar on top.  It was surprisingly good.  We are learning that blueberries and corn are a dynamic couple. I think blueberry cornbread might be next.

Sweet Polenta with Blueberries, Maple Syrup, and Demerara Sugar

I am heading off soon to cover for another coordinator at the Newton Red Fire Farm CSA distribution.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous produce and meeting new CSA members.

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