Zucchini Two Ways… Ideas for When Squash Season Hits

Tomorrow is CSA day, and that means more zucchini and summer squash!  I could be happier, but I wanted to get through what we had left before we got some new goodies.

I went to my new favorite cookbook, Farmer John’s Cookbook (until I can tear myself away to look at the other two cookbooks recently arrived), and perused the zucchini section.  Things just fell into place when I saw these two recipes next to each other.

Stuffed Zucchini and Sweet Zucchini Bake!

Then, I realized we had these lovelies from Red Fire Farm.

Charming little round zucchini squash

Some hasty modifications ensued.  Wheat and spelt berries, with the last of our grandfathered couscous and quinoa.  Feta instead of parmesan.  Parsley instead of celery.  Sundried tomatoes for the hell of it and half a cup of beans for protein.  Pack it all in, cook until desired state of doneness.  Beautiful!

For dessert, I cut the recipe in half and tried to follow, subbing a little apple cider vinegar and black currant cordial for the lemon juice.  The filling was thick and delicious, and the whole thing will be delightfully dense and carbohydrate rich.  We’ll eat it in small pieces over the next few days with yogurt, fruit sauce or whipped cream. Maybe not be most riveting looking dessert, but a tasty idea that I will revisit.  I would add more zucchini and reduce the flour crust part, but that’s just me. Nom Nom everyone!

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