Ten Tables

Last night, Theresa and I visited with a friend and went to Ten Tables, a restaurant in Cambridge (there is also one in Jamaica Plain) that features a lot of local food on their menu.  We did not take pictures, seeing as it was such a nice restaurant, however I will briefly cover our experience.

The ambiance, and service was great, and the food was delicious.  We took the option of having the Chef’s tasting menu, which means that you get four courses picked at the discretion of the chef that may or may not include dishes featured on the menu.  I chose the vegetarian tasting menu, and Theresa took the carnivore tasting menu.

The food was amazing- good complex gourmet feasting.  Each dish was served to us and we were given a description and complicated breakdown of what was in our dishes and somewhat where it came from.  They source a reasonable amount of their ingredients locally (a lot of vegetables and meat) and that they serve a regularly evolving seasonal menu, and they even try to contribute to their community with sound practices like employing metro pedal power for deliveries.  I would say by looking at the menu, it wasn’t perfectly local.  The pistachios, gourmet oils, flours, and other fancy ingredients are not to be found locally, or at least were probably not entirely local; however, we still think that what they are doing is a great step in the right direction, and perhaps the best a good gourmet restaurant can do without becoming self-righteously local.  Theresa and myself decided it still constituted 2 slots for our weekly unprincipled food slots.  Yet, it was a lovely gourmet experience that we were happy to have had, and it is a restaurant that we’d be happy to support their efforts by returning to in the future.

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