Lovely Locavore Ladies Lunch

What is a lovely locavore to do about lunch?  Pack it, of course!  Not only does this save us time, it saves us money and keeps us to our challenge without a problem.  You don’t have to worry about what you eat if you have made it yourself.  As you’ve probably noticed, our dinners are rather on the large side for two people.  Some examples:

Green Beans and Eggs laid in a pan, waiting for sauce and crumbs. Lovely.

More evidence that we eat too much vegetable.....

The bottom picture… that is a 10 inch saute pan.  Overflowing with greens.  Not only is that way too much for two people in one sitting, its a little green-obsessive.

Our general routine is to make 4 servings of whatever is on the meal plan.  Eat dinner, and pack up lunches during clean-up time.  The lunch containers go in the fridge, Theresa’s prepacked in a lunch box, and Laura’s loose for whatever she has planned for the day.  As an example of how this works:

Packed in there is a container of dinner (stuffed squash), a container of an egg pickling in pickled beat brine with a little horseradish, a baggie of blanched green bean fries dressed with a touch of soy sauce and toasted sesame oil, a cucumber, half a slice of homemade bread and about an ounce of gouda cheese.  This a little bit more than I would normally take, but tomorrow is CSA day, and we won’t be eating until around 9:00pm.  All of this will get me through the day, no problem!

My lunch box is from Lunch Sense, obviously.  I love love love my box.  I have the container kit as well, found here.  I didn’t use the inserts today 1) because they are in the dishwasher, and 2) the squash would not have fit.  I might invest in a shoulder strap soon, but for now, it works wonderfully!

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