Meal Plan and Slots for the week

Just to post our meal plan par normal and discuss slot usage:

  • Monday – Egg, cheese and green bean casserole; massaged collards salad.
  • Tuesday – Fish Day, Pollack broiled with butter, pan grilled summer squash, quinoa, creamy dill dressing
  • Wednesday – Dinner at Ten Tables, out; lunch to be bread, cheese, veggie crudites and some dip
  • Thursday – Stuffed summer squash with feta, couscous, sun dried tomatoes; green bean fries
  • Friday – Post- CSA Veggie love
  • Saturday – Something nummy to be determined.

So, for our slots this week, it breaks down like this:

  1. Ten Tables, out
  2. Ten Tables, out (<- Laura and I are going to see about this one)
  3. Hedgie’s Salsa (local small business); Mapleline Farm (local, family business)

We have one slot left for the week.  Smyth’s Trinity Farm is a small, family owned business in Enfield, CT that has good farm management practices.  Not having a website, you can go here to Dave’s Cupboard for information about the farm.  Rhapsody Tempeh (one of my favorites) is made in Vermont, by a small macrobiotic company from locally sourced, organic soybeans.  Chase Hill Farm Cheese is local, small family business and organic (they use draft horses!).  SideHill Farm we love.  Warm Colors Apiary is located in South Deerfield, MA, is a small business that practices IPM and educates the community of effective bee-keeping.

Its all yummy, and we have to think about that last slot!  I think the question right now is lemon juice or sugar for canning.  We are trying to move to canning with honey, but I am resisting a little.  It may end up being chocolate.

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