A Most Amazing Phenomenon in Local Food… O.N.C.E.

Have you ever had a weekend that was so wonderful, amazing, and decadent that you really want to repeat it all over again?  We’ve had one of those weekends, and while most of the food we cooked for ourselves was generally quick and easy, Saturday’s dinner was divine.  If you have read the section on our challenge, which you can find here, we allow ourselves to go out to dinner if we dock ourselves two of our ‘food slots’ for the week.  Then, with information from the Boston Localvores and the Mastermind Herself, we have experienced Cuisine en Locale‘s One Night Culinary Events (O.N.C.E.).

Words cannot describe the wonderful experience, but I will try.  The ambiance was amazing, with lovely local flowers adorning community tables and a delectable little treat waiting our arrival.  The food was amazing, eleven (yes you read that right 11) courses of local divinity.  The company was amazing, where we met so many new and interesting people, learned about other community efforts (check out FEAST, for sure) and enjoyed a good time all around.  The hostess brought it all together, the crowning glory you could say, and made sure everyone had a good time (and ate really well).

JJ, our lovely hostess, who pulled this all together so nicely

Then the food. So simple, so delectable.  The pictures should convey the greatness that was this vegetarian O.N.C.E.

Our Dinner Menu

Course 1: Krispy Kale (It was great despite the rain!)

Course 2: String Bean French Fries

Course 3: Dolly's Zucchini Soup

Note the little spring onion on top.  It was delicious with the soup, and was from Wee Farm (I can’t quite find an appropriate looking link for this farm, but isn’t the wee onion from Wee Farm so cute!)

Course 4: Asian Flavor Slaw with Jack's Super Duper Kim Chee

Just so we know, no Asians we hurt in the making of this dish (it was vegetarian after all).  After this, we had a little Hakuri Turnip Custard with a pickled turnip along side (nom nom), and no pictures turned out well (i.e. not blurry beyond recognition).  Suffice to say it was really good.

Course 6: Three Beets Two Ways

Course 7: Dairy Free Creamy Polenta with Fava Beans, Summer Squash and Fresh Corn

Course 8: Aloo Ghobi, NE Style, Yo (My favorite name of the night)

Course 9: Pilaf (with Baer's Beans and Wheat Berries)

Course 10: Spinach Manicotti

Course 11: Cucumber Granita

By the end of the night, we were so satisfied.  The courses were well-timed in the serving, and were always delicious (I’m running out of words for good food).  I think the only thing I would have changed would have been to have the manicotti earlier, but I think I have been craving lasagna.  The cucumber granita was the perfect ending, cool and soothing.  The whole experience was definitely worth repeating.

Now, when we had registered to come to the dinner, we were debating ‘Should this count for any slots?’.  We decided to wait and see, and determine afterward what we thought.  We were a little nervous.  White flour with a local, conventional berry, pandered as ‘local food’?  Ah, JJ, we are sorry for ever doubting! The vegetables came mostly from Stillman’s Farm at the Brookline Farmer’s Market and Parker Farm at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  The oil was canola oil from Maine, eggs from Red Fire Farm and Chip In.  The manicotti (which I dream of) was of pasta and ricotta from Capones Fresh Pasta.  Salt and cornmeal were from Sherman’s Market in Union Square.  The only non-local aspects were a few spices.  We were blown away, and will be coming again.

After all, who can resist another lovely locavore lady who is a whiz in the kitchen feeding you a multi-course gourmet meal?  Not us, for sure.  Thank you, JJ, for a fabulous evening, and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

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3 Responses to A Most Amazing Phenomenon in Local Food… O.N.C.E.

  1. Magda says:

    oh my goodness, the food looks so delicious! I would never even come close to being able to imagine leaving hungry from a dinner like that, despite my carnivore ways! I’m glad you ladies had fun and good food, and always nice to hear you meeting good people 😀

    • It was amazing and, yes, very filing, Magda. Sad you were not with us :-(. We will see if some opportunities may come together in the future such that you can join us for such an affair. Or we could go wild and make our own local feast together.

  2. JJ says:

    It was an enormous pleasure meeting you both and you are very, very welcome.
    Can’t wait to see again!

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