CSA Love and Saturday Teaser

Hey all, I hope that your Saturday has panned out well, and that the evening is yummy!  Ours certainly will be as we are attending Cuisine en Locale‘s O.N.C.E. Vegetarian Dinner.  Local food prepared by a local business.  Oh, the goodness!  We are still in discussion over whether we want to say this eats a slot or not (we are leaning to ‘no’), but will certainly enjoy eating the food!

The CSA went really well.  I (Theresa) was able to help a little more than usually, and was happy to see some old faces.  The hot weather is starting to be normal again, and we had a great breeze all afternoon.

Fifth Week CSA Goodies!

We received cucumbers, summer squash, garlic, lettuce, onions, parsley, green beans (finally!), kohlrabi (again!), blueberries and eggs.  Dinner featured the green beans, which I have been waiting for all winter.

Dinner was simple, quick and oh-so-good

Green beans sauteed with pearl onions, sundried tomato and oregano, served with the last of the store-bought orzo and Narragansett Feta Cheese.  We also had fava beans on the side, tasty spring treats.

Favas waiting for their second shelling

I don’t remember what we had for dessert, but it included blueberries.

Saturday morning found us up bright and early for a wonderful day out on a new farm picking more stuff and enjoying the general surroundings.

BreakfastAfter a standard issue breakfast of high-protein pancakes (1 full egg and 3 egg whites and enough milk to make a batter), we plunged off into the great big world of food.  We promise a big post tomorrow detailing our adventures.  Lots of pictures of lots of good food.

Stay tuned for more exciting foods!

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