Meal Plan for the Week of July 4th and Sherman’s Market

Lest you think that we have forgotten to post the meal plan for the week, voila, here it is, typed for once.

  • Monday- Lamb Saag, chapati, raita of carrot and cucumber
  • Tuesday- Fish Dill Curry with summer squash, rice, cucumber salad
  • Wednesday- Baked beans, Boston Brown Bread, squash corn soup
  • Thursday- Broccoli, Pea and Cheese Casserole, ginormous salad
  • Friday- Post CSA love of salad, soup and cheese and whatever else sounds good on a hot evening
  • Saturday- Dinner with Cuisine en Locale ONCE

We did all of our grocery shopping before making the meal plan at Sherman Market, associated with Sherman Cafe in Union Square, Somerville.  We went a little crazy in this tiny, delightful little shop.  We still haven’t quite figured out if we filled or over filled our slots.  Let’s see if we can’t figure it out!

Oh! The Goodies!

So included are, from left to right, callaloo, Willows Cranberry Balsamic, fava beans, milk from Thatcher Dairy Farm, Narragansett feta, ricotta and yogurt, Fiore di Nonno burrata, Raye’s Mustard, Maples Organic Gelato, and 21st Century Foods Soy Tempeh.

Both of the veggies were from local organic farms, the callalo from Enterprise, and the favas from Blue Heron Farm.  We count Narragansett as local (Rhode Island), sustainable (milk from happy animals), and a community based small business.  Fiore di Nonno was a filler from last week, when we left our cheese at a friends house on accident.  We went out to eat on Saturday, leaving us with two slots.

Slot 1: 21st Century Foods Tempeh -local and small business; Willows Cranberry Balsamic is so so so close, local, small business and IPM, but there is white balsamic in the dressing, and we can’t let ourselves get too carried away!

Slot 2: Raye’s Mustard is a local, reasonably small business that is set in a historical mustard mill (how cool!); Maples Organic Gelato is really really close as well, being a local small business, and sourcing their products from local businesses as well.  But, we bought (I choose) Carmel Almond, and almonds are exactly a local product.  For the same reason as the balsamic vinegar, we can’t really let that just slide.

We are left with a dubious straggler.  The milk is from Thatcher Farm, whose website talks little about their farming practices.  We bought the milk thinking it was a free food, due to the fact that bottle itself (what we could see in the cooler) was from another farm that practiced happy cow farming, and listed the names of the cows who’s milk was in the bottle.  Whether the milk is really from that farm, or from Thatcher, we don’t know.  We are going to let this one slide, as we bought two items that were really so close, and take it as a lesson learned.  Some companies might reuse bottles from other sources, and we should be more vigilant.

The excitement of the store was too much.  We will return to Sherman Market!

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