Even Parrots Eat Local… Happy Birthday Marion!

The Fourth of July is not only the birthday of the United States, but it is also the birthday of one beloved little Quaker Parrot…

A poem, for Marion’s 13th birthday:

Green and gray, must keep her at bay

Sassy and fat, what’s wrong with that!

Demanding and proud, early morning quite loud

Loves to rip and to tear, paper chews everywhere

Favorite food is peas, but won’t say please

Favorite word is ‘now’, but won’t say how

13 years today, Birdy’s here to stay

After a celebratory breakfast of fresh peas from Stillman’s Farm, pancakes made with Upinngil Farm flour and Red Fire Farm Eggs, she now taking a nap before lunch.  Marion loves local produce, particularly lettuce, kohlrabi, peas, bell pepper seeds, strawberry seeds (and only the little seeds), butternut squash and cheese.  Happy Birthday Marion!

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2 Responses to Even Parrots Eat Local… Happy Birthday Marion!

  1. Caitlin says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought I recognized that table and chairs in the CSA email, and I thought to myself, I know 2 lovely locavore ladies. Could this be them? And then I saw Marion…and that clinched it! Congratulations! What a fun and interesting project. Good luck!!!!


  2. jasmin says:

    omg! thanks for the informatoin of what parrots eat and love.Your parrot is so cute and happy birthday marion…………good luck!


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