Red Fire Farm CSA Loot

Quite a haul this week!

We had a nice big distribution this week, including lots of cucumbers and summer squash, lettuce and loose lettuce greens, beets and carrots, cabbage and collard greens (or kale) onions, herbs (your pick of dill, basil, parsley and cilantro) and our fruit share- cherries (not pictured).  We did not get eggs this week- the chickens are stressed and have mites, so they are not laying very well.

My Slip Up:  I myself (Laura) this Friday have a food confession.  I had an item of food that did not fulfill any of our principles, and without any thinking or a moment’s hesitation.  Yesterday, during distribution, the WholeFoods that I have my distribution setup in had a vendor giving away free fermented soda (CasCal).  Melissa, one of the staff at Wholefoods, who is a member and super nice asked if I’d like one.  I was like “yes!”  But I didn’t think about whether or not it fulfilled any principles, my only thoughts: “free food, cold soda on a hot afternoon distribution- of course. ”  I even sipped on it, didn’t look at the bottle anything, just drank it.  Only when Theresa arrived and asked did I suddenly realize how very not aligned this item was. I am less upset that I had the item, and moreso upset that I didn’t think about it one bit.  Free food is something I used to be accustomed to, since I was a graduate student, but now it is a novelty.  Somehow free food=don’t think about it it’s free and good.  So, I have learned a lesson: that although I think about food a lot, and how to eat consciously, I too am fallable and have plenty of places to dedicate some thought to in my way of life and eating.

Dinner last night?  Theresa made a lovely dish with cabbage (some chinese cabbage from the brookline farmers market), summer squash, onions, dill, lemon juice, sundried tomatoes and the rest of the feta, with a slice of our wholewheat toast.  It was really good, and I must of been hungry because I didn’t take a picture… I just dug in.  All I have left is evidence of just how good it was:

We will be up in the north shore area with our friend Magda doing farm stuff and fourth of July stuff in Gloucester.  We will keep you posted.

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