Food-pressure and this week’s loot

Hey all, this is Theresa with a confession.  It is two weeks into our challenge, and I ate something really and truly non-local without counting it as a slot.  Oops.  In the end I am both sorry and not sorry for the actual eating of my slice of pizza and 1/4 cup of ice cream at work.  They tasted good.  Some part of me did really want them, some part of me was going ‘No! Stop! Your challenge!’.  I am more sorry for my breach of principles than anything else.

The food I can easily forgive, its early in the challenge, and we are doing really well.  But, I feel like I am not dedicated enough to follow through.  It has made me really being to think about why I am doing this, and what I need to do to help myself along without any tears, fears or pressuring-peers.  The first thing that I realized is that only one person at work knows that I am on a local food year.  Why haven’t I told more people?  Is it something to hide or to be ashamed of?  No, absolutely not, but I am nervous about it.  The second thing that I realized is that I am going to be facing a whole new beast at work: public food.

Public food, for the most part, I can say ‘no’ to.  It is usually not good enough to warrant notice, as I am not a big fan of other peoples leftovers or food they don’t want.  Sweets that are brought to share I can usually avoid because I would much rather wait for something better.  Today was different in that we were celebrating the end of an exhibit deinstallation and welcoming new interns and volunteers for the summer.  As we all know, food peer pressure reigns at social events.  I am guilty of it, especially today, when I talked someone into eating pizza so I would feel better about eating it.  Now I feel guilty on both counts of being a food pusher and not sticking to my principles.  But I was also subjected to it as well, and caved.

But, I am not going to beat myself up over my stumble.  If I did that, I would probably spiral out of control by making non-local foods the ‘forbidden fruit’.  Instead, I am going to re-evaluate why I am doing this, and work hard next time to not make excuses, and just say ‘no thank you’.  If I am asked why, I will try to proudly say I am attempting a local year, and will be looking forward to eating homemade pizza and ice cream at home, with friends.  And explain why I feel that eating local is a good thing.  We should all try to be proud and strong in our beliefs, not push them onto others unnecessarily and be open minded in life.

So, for the future, in an attempt to combat Laura’s general dominance of the blog, I will be trying to, once a week, write a post about why we are doing this and why we are proud of what we are doing.  Encouragement for me, and a reestablishment of our principles and beliefs.

And now, onto more cheery topics.  Our CSA haul for the week!

Week of June the 25th Produce Loot

Summer squash, cilantro, spring onions, hakurai turnips, cucumbers, kohlrabi, lettuce, baby greens, broccoli, chard, eggs and strawberries!  I think that is everything.  So, next week, we will be proud and confident in our decisions, and strive to eat right for ourselves, our farmer and the earth.

P.s. The pizza and ice cream gave me an upset tummy.  Too refined. Another reason not to succumb.

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