Preserving Greens

One of my favorite ways to keep greens during the week until I use them. Just like a flower arrangement: a greens arrangement.

Greens are abundant at the beginning of the summer, and I do recommend you eat as much as you can.  However, putting some away for the not too green New England months is not a bad idea.

The easiest way that I have found for preserving greens is freezing them.

Beautiful beet greens being towel dried

Now, I know you stop and go- eww frozen greens.  However, we have found that freezing greens works well for preserving greens to be used in cooked dishes.

You can freeze almost any type of green. Here we are preping kohlrabi greens.

I don’t recommend you try to make a fresh salad out of frozen greens- the texture doesn’t hold up well.  But frozen spinach goes well in any cooked spinach meal, and any type of frozen greens can be cooked to death to make a lovely saag dish.

Spinach being washed.

So, we simply wash the greens, dry them with a towel,  stick them into plastic bags, and stick them in the freezer.  Very easy way to make sure you have access to something green come late January.

Beet and kohlrabi stems bagged

We also keep the stems of a lot of greens (don’t forget kale, chard, and collards!) and freeze them the same way as the greens, just separate.  We use these to chop up and put into hearty veggie stews in the winter time.  They add an extra crunch and nutritional bonus in the winter.

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2 Responses to Preserving Greens

  1. Dad says:

    Hey girls…what size freezer do you need to store an entire winters worth of vegies in. I’m really enjoying your blog! Dad

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