Strawberry Soiree

Know your farmer.  Love your farmer.  Let your farmer feed you a delicious local meal.


Red Fire Farm‘s Strawberry Soiree started out early Saturday, with people picking strawberries and doing strawberry variety tasting.  Theresa and I were quite busy being entranced in dairy-ness at Sidehill Farm, and did not participate in this early action.  However, we did after the dinner go and do some strawberry variety tasting.  You know, I never thought that strawberry varieties had huge differences in flavor. Oh boy was I wrong!  The differences in tanginess, sweetness, bitter-after-tasteness, floral notes, and well just flavor were huge!  I will admit that Darselect, Eros and Evangeline were my faves…. I will never think of a strawberry the same again.

Our dining tent next to the strawberry patch

The strawberry soiree dinner enables CSA members, friends of the farm and farmers to get together for a lovely local meal to kick off the growing (more like CSA) season.  We got to sit with other CSA members and talk about food, which in my mind couldn’t be better.

Lovely centerpieces of local flowers

Sarah Voiland (one of the farmers- more CSA program coordinator and Ryan’s wife) introduced farm staff and lead us in a prayer to thank the land and everything that has brought our food to us (very fitting).  Then we all got to dig into a delicious meal organized by Ona, the fabulous Red Fire Farm chef.   We sipped on strawberry lemonade until we picked up our meal buffet style.


Strawberry Buttermilk Soup (served chilled)

Mixed Salad with Green Garlic Vinaigrette, and Spanikopita (spinach pie)

Creamy Polenta with Braised Greens, and a side of Roasted Spring-Dug Parsnips

Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake with Fresh Whipped Cream and chocolate dipped strawberries

We sat and enjoyed everyone’s company and the excellent food, while the farm’s string band played music and kids played.

People lounging, kids and the string band in the back

We really enjoyed the meal and the company.  The meal was very local… we wondered if it fulfilled all of our principles perfectly.  We estimated that they did a very good job (we recognized many of the ingredients as being the same locally sourced items we’ve been buying), but maybe not perfect.  Nonetheless, we did not count this as a meal out that takes away two of our food slots.  I think that if there was ever an ‘out’ meal that fulfilled our local eating principles, it would be this one.  So, I tip my hat off to Red Fire Farm, for a lovely evening and dinner.

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