Photo Parade of our Weekend

Friday started out with a great distribution for Red Fire Farm, with new and functional supplies, and everything went quite smoothly.  We also got a lovely lot of produce and eggs for the week!

Our Red Fire Fire CSA distribution: kale, beets, lettuce, kohlrabi, carrots, scallions, oregano, strawberries, eggs, spinach and more garlic scapes (not pictured)

Saturday we drove out to western Massachusetts, stopped in Amherst at the Amherst farmer’s market and picked up lots more gorgeous produce, then drove out to Sidehill Farm in Ashfield for a farm tour.  We picked up raw milk, along with other deliscious dairy items, then drove to Red Fire Farm back in Granby for the Strawberry Soiree for a lovely local meal with the farmers and CSA members.  After much fun, we drove back home and fought to fit everything in the fridge.  Today we’re preserving some of the items we picked up yesterday.  I’ll update on each of these events later on.  For now, just the photo parade.

Amy and Paul, the owners of Sidehill Farm with their dairy cows grazing behind them.

Very cute calves hanging out, waiting in be nursed.

Sarah Voiland (left standing next to the pole) introducing some of the farmers to the group settling down for the Strawberry Soiree dinner.

Strawberry Shortcake- yum!

Us at the Strawberry Soiree (Laura on left, Theresa on right)

This morning's brunch: Spiced Spinach Soup with Upinngil's cheddar

Theresa drying beet greens for freezing.

Our lunch: Tomato Salad with spinach and nasturtiums and olive oil, a biscuit, and spiced blueberry soup with yogurt- delish!

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3 Responses to Photo Parade of our Weekend

  1. Gret says:

    Wow! that blueberry soup looks AMAZING!

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